If the Reinforcement Program is successful, what's next? And is that a good thing? (Discuss!)



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    What about ongoing balancing of existing content?
    Yes, there will still be ongoing balance changes, though mostly small changes, not large overhauls.
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    One of the strengths mods have over commercial developers is the hobbyist lifestyle, and doing work not valued by cost.

    Perhaps you need to gain community support in other ways besides funding.
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    Regardless of the success of Reinforcement program, I think that NS2 could get more players, if the game was free to play once per week. I doubt some cheesy 75% off campaign could be as effective as free try every wednesday and if the player likes it, he buys it with full price. If a game is good enough, he will want to continue gaming asap after the free time is over and not wait another 6 days to have another go. At least, that's the way I am.
    Just fix the bugs first...
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