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I'm going to turn one of our servers into a dedicated custom map server. I've already spoken with several of you about this but I'd like to open this up to the community as a whole to see what y'all think.

As is I've got a long list of maps I'd like to see there but I'm trying to whittle it down to nine to make voting simple.
I'll probably NOT be installing Jambi on it. I know that seems crazy but I'll likely be putting it on all our other servers so there isn't an overwhelming reason to have it take up space on this one.

What maps would everyone like to see on there?

Is there anyone who needs a map tested dearly?

Is anyone horribly offended by 24 player count?

I'd prefer to only have fully playable maps. Doesn't mean they have to be finished but a rough grey boxing isn't enough.

When I have the maps up and running I'll keep links here to the threads they belong to so that everyone can provide ever needed feedback and praise to the people who made them.

Kodiak by Lokee/_L_O_K_I_ Workshop Page 88fecb5
Eclipse by Samusdroid Workshop page 8ac0aa5
Skyfalls by Tig Workshop Page 726afeb
Icarus by Lazer Workshop Page 5f9ccf1
Caged by Flaterectomy Workshop Page 63c559c
Triad by [=Alex=] Workshop Page 46f035a
Tarvos by Qwixxer Workshop Page 84249ef
Origin by Killer Monkey Workshop Page 6e6e757
Tanith by Jonacrab Workshop Page a2e8799

For the convenience of other server admins I've added the hex id and a link to the workshop page. I'm really high right now though so sorry if I mixed the numbers up a little. :p

If you'd like to contact me on Steam feel free to do so, I'm also available on the National Gaming forums. I'm also a member of the SCC so you can find me in that list if you're too cool to have a loser friend like me.
Be warned that I often go into empty servers and invite everyone on my friends list.


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    kodiak ofc / ayumi if you like although ayumi is still in full greybox mode. If I am online when you seed the sever pm me and I will help.
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    Kodiak was a given, it's probably my favorite map period. <3
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    What about skyfalls? I had fun on that one.
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    I'd be careful about skyfalls. Last time I checked that map was very small and extremely prone to arc exploiting amongst other things. Not to take anything away from Tig, he worked hard on that map with nobody to help him find these issues. So I'm not saying don't include it, just to keep an eye on it and watch reactions.

    I might suggest Icarus and Caged. Icarus is finished as far as I remember and Caged is a very good map that would benefit from wider exposure.

    Gl with the server, if you need a seeder and I'm about I am willing to jump on to kickstart it.
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    Yeah I've played it a few times before. Those hives are crazy close. That said, someone suggested it gets added for now. Having people actually play a map sure can motivate a mapper to work on his map though so hopefully something comes of it. He'll never get any feedback if it sits in limbo.

    I just added Icarus and Caged.

    I also put up all the siege maps on server 2 so people can try those out. Bit of a throw back, kind of neat. We've also been playing "The Faded" on server 1 the last couple nights. It's quite an awesome mod if anyone wants to join tonight.
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    Added Triad, Tarvos, and Origin. I'll add Goliath as soon as Blasphemy agrees to the workshop thing he forgot about. :p
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    Tanith when it's polished a bit more?

    Awesome idea, btw.
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    If you're going to have eclipse, get the textured version.
    Its v5 with more textures, feels better
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    Okay, custom map server is back up. Sorry it took so long, lots of real life in the way lately.

    I added Tanith and links to workshop pages and hex IDs for the sake of other server admins who'd like to add any of these custom maps.

    I also changed to the proper version of Eclipse, thanks AuroN2.
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