Design a logo for the Saunamen! - Natural Selection 2

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imageDesign a logo for the Saunamen! - Natural Selection 2

On August 24, Legendary Snails will take on Saunamen in the European Open Grand Final. The action will take place live on stage from Insomnia49 in the UK, with casting by BlindNS and Strayan. Along with flights, accommodation, and co-contributions to the prize pool, UWE is providing t-shirts for the two teams. Legendary Snails already have a cool logo (You’ll see it in the pre-show interviews on Aug-24!), but the Saunamen are sadly lacking… We cannot let this stand! Can a brave community member create a logo for the Saunamen? Stencil people with towels or something? We cannot let their t-shirt go into battle against the French naked! Note that the logo must be a single, flat …

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