What Plugins/Apps is the UWE forum using?

SolarisSolaris Join Date: 2003-05-11 Member: 16213Members
I'm planning to use vanilla forum for a small project I'm working on. I for one really like the UWE forums so my question is what plugins & apps is this forum using?


  • HypergripHypergrip Suspect Germany Join Date: 2002-11-23 Member: 9689Members, NS1 Playtester, Contributor
    I've been playing around with Vanilla a while ago and it's ok. It could really use some "quality of life" stuff for developers/admins, but maybe I'm just lazy :)
    I think you could replicate the forum layout/structure with the free version of Vanilla, however I'm pretty sure all that "gamification" stuff ("reactions" like agree, disagree, awesome, and the badges) are exclusive to user that signed up for a plan with vanillaforum.com.
    If you just sort the add-ons on vanillaforum.org by pupolarity you'll see a lot of stuff you might notice from the UWE forums. Without addons Vanilla is really bare-bones, even stuff like signatures, post counters, etc. are addons. This makes setting up a forum take a bit longer than most other popular forums, but I kinda like the "use only what you need/want" approach.
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