Natural Selection 2 teaser possibility?

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is it a go?
Hey guys,
So today i thought of a good idea for a short 30 second - 2 minute teaser/ story for the game. Its just meant to be something dramatic but fascinating and short as well. I started writing a script for it today and i just wanted to say so to see if anyone would even be interested in helping with the production process. I'll certainly put out the script for it once its completed... but in the meantime, anyone think they'd be interested in helping or if this is even a good idea? Just curious to hear comments at all, it doesn't have to be in theater mode by the way. But yea, comments?


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    I'm working on something similar... ;-)

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    Always happy to lend a hand for editing / recording where there are movies involved!
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    my biggest wonder when writing it out though is, since i have no knowledge at all about the cinematic editor? ( i think that's what its official called), so i'm not sure if i should be writing it with the idea of having too much detail or anything. haha, does anyone know anything about it? also obraxis, can't wait to see what you've come up with.
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    well, i'm going to post the script in general discusssion.
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    the cinematic editor is a powerful tool, but unfortunately it's very buggy in its current state and I guess doesn't get much attention at the moment. Understandable though. I've played around with it quite a bit. The possibility of high-fps rendering of the scenes independent of performance is awesome, but the general controls are very basic still
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