LUA and the CPU bottleneck

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I know, it's another performance topic but it's not to flame the developers.

Seeing that the LUA garbage collector takes up to 10msec per frame on my rig, I was wondering what is being done to adress the fundamental CPU bottleneck issue?

I mean, there is no way it will get fixed by doing minor/medium optimizations to all the different systems when it is quite clear (I might be wrong) that the all-gameplay-in-lua method is a performance killer.
Im especially interested concerning the server (how will the server code ever run smooth with LUA garbage collection?) - btw. is there a profiling function for the server as there is for the client?

In any way, I'd love to have some sort of pre-post mortem about your decision of going all-in on LUA as I'm also thinking about creating an engine.


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    I believe the profile command should work on the server too (iirc it opens a new window showing the profile data).
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    How if you cannot type in the console window?

    TAB opens a "console" window, but I cannot use it in any way..

    /ohh nevermind, you have to press the console key in the console window... -.-
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    Type "profile" in the server console, then hit ` (tilde) and you will see the profiler running.
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    I think this is something they should look into, in some cases the garbage collector takes up to 30% of the cpu time, usually something like 5-20% ... seems quite a lot, if they are able to cut that down, wouldn't the game run better?

    Despite better multithreading. Doesn't seem to use all CPUS very well.
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