Natural Selection 2 News Update - Rifle Rework

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  • vizioNzvizioNz Join Date: 2003-12-21 Member: 24595Members, Constellation, NS2 Playtester
    I think it looks amazing! :)
  • SupernornSupernorn Best. Picture. Ever. Made. Ever. Join Date: 2002-11-07 Member: 7608Members, Constellation
    Massive improvement.
  • konatakonata Join Date: 2011-08-24 Member: 118296Members
    Congratulations on the assault rifle weight loss.
  • swalkswalk Say hello to my little friend. Join Date: 2011-01-20 Member: 78384Members, Squad Five Blue
  • WilsonWilson Join Date: 2010-07-26 Member: 72867Members
  • FloodinatorFloodinator [HBZ] Member Join Date: 2005-02-22 Member: 42087Members, Reinforced - Shadow
  • lwflwf Join Date: 2006-11-03 Member: 58311Members, Constellation
    Allowing you to see more of the world and less of the weapon in your face is always a good thing.
  • ZeikkoZeikko Join Date: 2007-12-16 Member: 63179Members, Squad Five Blue, NS2 Map Tester
    Looks awesome! I hadn't realized that the shell casings fly to the marine's face. Maybe the old one was the left handed version of the rifle?
  • ZootZoot Join Date: 2011-01-21 Member: 78469Members
    Yea definitely looks better now. Really like the new stock and the barrel looks great also.
  • CannonFodder100CannonFodder100 Join Date: 2011-09-14 Member: 121355Members
    So is this now in the game or to be included?
  • Kouji_SanKouji_San Sr. Hινε Uρкεερεг - EUPT Deputy The Netherlands Join Date: 2003-05-13 Member: 16271Members, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Blue
    edited September 2011
    This is quite an improvement indeed, but is the grenade launcher still off-balanced on the side of the rifle?
  • NixxenNixxen Join Date: 2004-02-11 Member: 26401Members
    <!--quoteo(post=1875919:date=Sep 20 2011, 11:49 PM:name=CannonFodder100)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (CannonFodder100 @ Sep 20 2011, 11:49 PM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=1875919"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->So is this now in the game or to be included?<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->
    The front page post said it'd be in the upcoming 186 patch.
  • Trainee.gerTrainee.ger Join Date: 2011-05-22 Member: 100097Members
    i knew it! have seen that model on the spark editor ;) it doesnt have all textures right now on it, but its there! :)
  • JuCCiJuCCi Join Date: 2011-08-08 Member: 114961Members, NS2 Map Tester
  • WavesonicsWavesonics Join Date: 2006-12-02 Member: 58833Members
    Fantastic! It looks much more "military" now. Also I really like the screen real estate it frees up.
  • Elite110Elite110 Join Date: 2009-06-24 Member: 67921Members
    IMO the old rifle was better but I think they should both be included, the old one as what it used to be and the new one as a single shot high damage rifle because of its looks
  • DeadzoneDeadzone Join Date: 2003-07-03 Member: 17911Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    Not 100% sure I like the change (the barrel looks FUNKY in profile). It looks a little less like other marine guns now, imo. That boxy feel the front of the rifle had is present in the shotgun and pistol, so this is kind of step away from that.

    That being said, nothing to get my panties in a bunch over. I'll get used to it :)
  • playerplayer Join Date: 2010-09-12 Member: 73982Members
    Hurray, we can see again! Now I can finally enjoy the visuals while my CPU is having a meltdown.
  • IeptBarakatIeptBarakat The most difficult name to speak ingame. Join Date: 2009-07-10 Member: 68107Members, Constellation, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Blue, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Diamond, Reinforced - Shadow
    Dayummm. That's one fine rifle butt!

    Ingame screenshot doesn't give the render much justice. Hopefully once aa and the like is included it will bring out the shine.
  • FrostFire626FrostFire626 Join Date: 2007-12-18 Member: 63207Members
    edited September 2011
    It looks good from first person view, but from the side it looks awkward. The barrel protrudes too much when compared to the bulky silver cover just behind it. Might be better without the cover altogether.
  • JibrailJibrail Join Date: 2009-04-16 Member: 67200Members
    I LOVE IT, cant wait to try it out!
  • Chris0132Chris0132 Join Date: 2009-07-25 Member: 68262Members
    I think more or less the opposite actually, the profile looks much better, more like a conventional rifle, so you can see what it is better, it also looks more accurate, if such a thing can be said of any gun, the protruding barrel makes it look longer than it actually is.

    On the other hand the first person view looks kinda dinky. It might look better actually in game, but in the shot it kinda has that feel you got in some old games where the view models were kinda tiny and not very well made.

    Still there isn't that much difference in first person so I imagine it'd be less noticeable without the direct comparison, and it does look better to outside observers, so overall an improvement.
  • sickboysickboy Join Date: 2003-09-13 Member: 20804Members, Constellation
    Really like the new version (both side view and first-person)! Much more of an improvement over the original.
  • peregrinusperegrinus Join Date: 2010-07-16 Member: 72445Members
    edited September 2011
    I've complained, well...commented, on the rifle model a few times so this makes me very happy :D

    The change is subtle but very effective. I like how it's visibly made up of parts rather than looking like a single bit of bulky matte green plastic. Great work!
  • DJPenguinDJPenguin Useless Join Date: 2003-07-29 Member: 18538Members
    edited September 2011
    any chance of keeping both models in with each type randomly given out at spawn/armory? it's like a battle rifle and it's carbine variant.
  • LazerLazer Join Date: 2003-03-11 Member: 14406Members, Contributor, Constellation, NS2 Playtester
    Really liking the improvements definitely looks more futuristic. The subtle texture changes are a nice touch as well.
  • peregrinusperegrinus Join Date: 2010-07-16 Member: 72445Members
    edited September 2011
    <!--quoteo(post=1875946:date=Sep 20 2011, 11:30 PM:name=DJPenguin)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (DJPenguin @ Sep 20 2011, 11:30 PM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=1875946"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->any chance of keeping both models in with each type randomly given out at spawn/armory? it's like a battle rifle and it's carbine variant.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->
    That would be a bit confusing no?

    Maybe the spec ops marines get the new model, plain old greenies keep the original model ;)
  • scorpydudescorpydude Join Date: 2005-03-05 Member: 43603Members
    I LOVE IT!

    The rifle in NS2 has always put me off but I didn't think it was worth mentioning since so much polish went into it.

    The old rifle made the FOV look so small... even know the FOV hasn't changed having a slimmer and more pointy rifle makes the FOV look larger and gives more viewing space.

    It looks GREAT. I can't wait to play with this new model.

    Thanks very much for redoing it, I know it would have been a hard decision to change the model after you put so much time into it. It's SO much better now, being more like the NS1 model (in shape, slimness and pointyness).
  • MelatoninMelatonin Babbler Join Date: 2003-03-15 Member: 14551Members, Constellation
    nice, adds a subtle amount of grit/ realism, which helps to draw you in to the world.
  • zeepzeep Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 3367Members
    edited September 2011
    (Speaking about realism) Why doesn't the rifle have a weapon sight?
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