ZoS includes PopCap Games Framework = ?

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i play alot of sudoku on my cellphone, and want to support UWE/NS2 by gettong ZoS
read this at the steamstore:
This product includes portions of the PopCap Games Framework.

what exactly does this mean?
or more specifically, does this mean any information is collected/sent (to Popcap) like many iPhone/Android apps do?

saw this in the ZoS FAQ
QUOTE ( @ Dec 16 2006, 06:55 PM) »
Is there any spyware/adware/garbage in Zen of Sudoku?
No! If your firewall complains when you run the game, don't worry. The game sends some data to the web server to know how many people are playing at any time and also to find out what game options people use and which difficulty levels are being played the most. This can be disabled by blocking Zen of Sudoku via your firewall and could be added as an option if needed.

to who is the info sent?
if it's UWE only, then i'm completely cool with it...
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