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I am a massive Natural Selection fan and continually go back and play the original still, I unfortunately missed the special pre-order (my fault i know)
while I am happy to purchase the normal 34.95 package as this includes beta yes? although you mentioned that you may do another offer for the pre-order (black armour) pack later in which case i would kick my self for having not waited. Can you provide any insight or options into my dilemma?

Many thanks,


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    They *may* put it the SE again, but it's doubtful. The beta wont be too far off, maybe a month or two. Up to you what you want to do.

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    Thats odd, didnt there use to be a fast reply button?

    Anyway, 2 months to beta is kinda optimistic I think.
    Could happen, but I would guess 4, maybe more (that way earlyer beta would just be a pleasant suprise).
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