Deletetion of all scratch paper numbers

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Hello. If this topic has been posted, sorry for the redundancy.

This is my first post and I have a suggestion regarding the scratch-numbers we put in the box while solving the puzzle.

After taking the puzzle to about 80% completion, I realize where I put wrong numbers in and want to erase everything
i've entered incorrectly, or blank out the puzzle altogether.

Sometimes when I dunno where the mistake started, i just wanna empty the puzzle and start again.

When I want to blank out the WHOLE puzzle and start again, you need to right-click every single number INCLUDING the
scratch paper numbers you put in the square as possible choices.

For example, if one box has 2 or 3 potential choices, you scratch number them in with the right click. Then you left-click
the correct number you feel confident with.

A possible option would be that if you right-double click the scratch number (for example: 1), you will be able to remove
all scratch number 1's from the puzzle, rather than having to right click every single one...

Otherwise, have a blanking-out feature, which would remove ALL work including the correct numbers you've entered thus far...
in the event that you want to start again fresh.

I've played this ZEN OF SUDOKU game long enough to where that is the only thing that is left to be desired from it.

That is my $.02.


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    edited July 2008
    Okay... so I don't always read the gameplay tips given before starting a new puzzle.
    The correct term for my scratch number reference is pencil marks.

    And I learned you can remove your pencil marks by pressing the DELETE key.

    I still believe in the blanking-out option to remove EVERYTHING you've done so far
    if you wanted to start again fresh.

    Yes, I've played it enough... but I still don't read the tips and the full instructions... sorry...

    Another suggestion would be to allow the game to jukebox the music you have on your
    computer. I don't listen to the sound-effects or meditative music playing in the back.

    Some tunes on my itunes library might be helpful to ME in solving the puzzles.

    Instead of $.02, i've now contributed a shiny nickel.

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    Man, I bought this game way back in the day. The funding for NS sort of worked, didn´t it?
    Now who is still out here? ;)
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