Buying Zen of Sudoku (paypal support)

KashioKashio Join Date: 2002-09-05 Member: 1281Members
I'd like to buy and send this really nice and relaxing game as a gift for all my friends who LOVE Sudoku! But without any credit cards, it's really difficult for students like myself to able to buy either for myself or as a gift for someone else we love! Is there any chance for you guys to support paypal? Shipment or not, delay or not, it'd be really really awesome if you guys could work on that a bit. It's also really nice of you guys to be able to put this game in steam, sometimes gamers do need some relaxing moments of their own, also supporting stand-alone Zen of Sudoku that doesn't require steam is also really great for non-extreme players such as girl friend or adults. Anyways, thanks for reading!! Hope to be able to buy this game soon for myself, friends and families!! =)


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