How Do You Play?

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<div class="IPBDescription">plus an introduction</div>Ahoy!

I downloaded and bought ZoS this past week and I must say it's been a blast. My Sudoku history is a short one, involving a long delay at the airport last month and a bit of frustration. I'd known of Sudoku since it started to pick up in popularity and, being a long-time NS player, I even remember the release of ZoS and thinking to myself "What is this hippy crap?" Much to my pleasant surprise the game is gorgeous, very nicely designed, and relaxing to play. ZoS has gotten me into Sudoku in a big way and I find it much more enjoyable than the ol' paper style.

Anyhoo, my question for you lot is as follows: how do you play? For me, being a fairly big newb, I like to let the game help me out a bit. I graduated to Expert a few days ago but I choose to keep <b>Spotlight</b> and <b>Show Dupes </b>on. I've recently shut off Highlights, rarely use Hints, and never use Show Incorrect or Show Pencil Marks. I'm sure there are plenty of Masters out there who don't use any of the games tools but for the rest of us, how do you play? I tried it without Dupes today and it was a lot harder so I think I'll ease into a bit more before I head on.

Thanks for another fun (and beautiful) game there, Flayra.
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