3.2, will it need a reinstall?

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I've got my NS config basically as optimal as I am going to get it. Tweaked cfg, low poly models, custom HUDs, binds etc set to what I want, sounds, etc Will there be a upgrade patch we can simply install ontop of 3.1.3 to bring it up to 3.2 or will we need to uninstall 3.1.3 then install 3.2 and re-add everything? Just curious, as it'd be a long process of re-adding every skin, model, sound, etc
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    mp_consistency 1 ?
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    QUOTE(TerRaKanE @ Feb 23 2007, 02:24 AM) »

    mp_consistency 1 ?

    I don't play on competitive leages or servers, I don't have the framerates to do so, so I use low poly models (you can find them here on the forums), these gain me at least 15+ frames.

    Anyways I was just curious if I'll need a complete reinstall, if so it might be a while before I update since it would take a while to set it all back up again.
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    Just make a copy of your ns/models, ns/sprites, ns/sound and any config files you happen to have setup (config.cfg, userconfig.cfg whatever).

    Install the update, then move the copied folders into the new folder.
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    Mods don't really use installers. It's basically a fancy unzip process. Be careful overwriting your sprites folder since there's a lot of significant changes from 3.1 to 3.2 in the sprites.
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    There is usually the option to back up your cfg file, but the rest I know will require manual backup. Just backup the whole folder and copy over sounds/sprites etc when it is installed.
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