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<div class="IPBDescription">Whoever finishes Sudoku first wins</div>How about an online mode? There could be up to four players in a game, each player will compete with each having a random generated puzzle. The difficulty will be set by the host of the game.

You can view other players' game board during online mode and others can view yours. You can have the option of viewing other players' game boards at the same time as playing yours. It should show up to three mini game boards which each represent the other players, this should not take too much of the screen so that you can still have enough space to play your game in viewable size. If a player wants to play at normal - full screen mode, they can do so and still view others by clicking on the other players' names.

Chat can be disabled/enabled(Option by the player). Chat should automatically be disabled.

Also, there should be a chat box where all players <i>(who at least have internet connection)</i> can chat with each other. Chat should be disabled by default.

<b>Back to online mode again:</b> Anyone can host games and join games. The host can enable custom mode or rank <i>(Though, for now I do not think we need such a rank mode since it may take too much time and work, also people may be able to cheat or exploit)</i>

<b>Custom mode -</b> The host can enable/disable any hints or anything that can help the player. The host can disable/enable timers, they can also pick every mode including easy modes. Custom online games are still tracked in everyone's profile.

Hosts can enable a penalty for putting an incorrect number whether is it because of dupe or because it is unable to be placed there or both. The penalty is that when an incorrect mark is made, the player cannot attempt to place another number again for 1-5 seconds.

Custom mode stats displays the amount of wins, loses, amount of games played, and average time to complete the game. It is divided between how many players were in the game, and what mode was the game played in. It also shows the total data. Though it does not matter if the host has hints enabled or disabled, the stats are still kept and the same.

Custom mode will not participate in ladder or rankings despite the fact that stats are tracked.

<b>Rank Mode -</b> Hints are disabled, any other thing that helps the players are also disabled. There is a timer. Everytime a player wins or loses a game, it'll go into their online profile. In each players' rank profiles, there will also be an "average time to finish a game" info. Disconnecting from the game will count as a disconnect and neither will count to lost or win but the opponents will still gain a win.

<b><i>Also when a player makes a mistake, they cannot attempt to place another number for three seconds.</i></b>
This will prevent players from just randomly clicking different numbers which might actually be able to solve puzzles faster than actually thinking about the puzzle.

There will be seperate rankings for each mode and number of players. Easy modes should not playable in ranking modes.

There will also be a ladder and "top ten" players list or so. Winning games means having a higher rank and progressing on the ladder, but losing games means having a lesser rank. Though the players with the most games played should always be higher in the ladder than players with the least games played, no matter the win/lose ratio.

Cheating should some how be hard or impossible. If cheating exists, rank mode should not be implanted but keeping track of stats for personal view should still exist.

Think Warcraft III ladder games and their rankings.

<a href="" target="_blank">This suggestion</a> is also a good one, which is adding timers to the game to keep track of how well you're doing.

Also another suggestion - add an option to bring back the old pop up number thing in ZoS for players who have trouble clicking the right number.


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    this would be pretty freggin awesome:O
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    I would like to chat with friends in such relaxing environment and music ^ ^ (with logs and smilies while sharing a game of Sudoku or something.. <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile-fix.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile-fix.gif" />
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