Love the game first off the game . It is so good a small team such good work and I hope to see your future work any way the gaming industry all the last few years has become slow stagnated there so many copy paste games that well it's literally sad and honestly it is a breath of fresh air to see smaller development companies like yours making games and everyone loved so much Indie Games make people happy and that's what the world needs right now more happiness people play games because it makes them happy and I hope to see you all make even more games like subnautica it's a counter even with all of its problems it's just plainly fun to play challenging and very colorful being the grandson of a former developer of Atari I've always wanted to be a game developer and as now I'm trying to get my own development company in order but it's going to take me awhile got to work for that for years right college first but anyway I've always want to make games and it's games like subnautica that give me hope in the gaming industry will start to change and go back to the way it used to with fun games that are fun for the sake of being fun that's what some Nautica has that mystery that kind of challenging way that keeps you interested it doesn't need you to overly complicated story to keep the game interesting and that's what I love about developers like you and I hope the strive to be like you guys one day when I eventually develop my team I hope to make games like subnautica you and for my small team making 8-bit games well I think you've been an inspiration to me and my little team I'm trying to start but please keep up the good work I hope to see your game finished and hope it gets even better thank you


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