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  • Firstly, congratulations on your new position.

    Is it weird knowing that all your future hard work is for a community with an average of 220 players daily for the past 12 months? Don't you feel really really really cheated by that?
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    Is the trello card convoluted because UWE don't own the IP for the current HMG in CompMod? If not, can't you just call the card "Test the existing HMG from compmod in vanilla"?

    Sorry, it's just funny when trello cards a…
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    I don't understand your reply?

    My suggestion was that if there wasn't enough space, the menu wouldn't open and would instead give the player feedback on why. If there is space to evolve then the menu opens as per norma…
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    I understand what you are saying but I actually prefer Rusty's original suggestion of having the menu outright not open and an error sound and message presented if there isn't enough space. It needs to be direct and obvious. This w…
  • Shooting/tracking skulks close range is now ridiculously easy, so I guess that objective is successful. However this buffs experienced players like myself even more so. Why isn't this feature restricted to Rookie-Only servers? Wouldn't that be way m…
  • Should be an animation on the rifle-jam "feature" which actually detects a rifle jam and plays an animation of the marine trying to un-jam the rifle. That would actually be pretty cool in Gorge self heal is better "downwards"?! Comment by xuu May 2016
  • With such low player base, this problem is now very apparent.

    During peak time for the Oceanic region, and when I say peak time I really mean the only time there are 10+ people on a server, there are only ever about 4 or 5 servers popula…
  • Thanks for your post @bonage

    While your post seems to have ruffled some feathers, it was about time someone got us all thinking seriously about the future of NS…
  • Thanks for the nominations guys, appreciated and always happy to help the community where I can :)