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  • I’ve tried leaving and coming back (I just fall through the map and drown)
    I’ve tried loading my save.
    I’ve tried restarting the game.
    I’ve tried restarting the Xbox.
    I’m truely stuck...
  • Yeh I still haven’t found one...
  • Oh good I was starting to feel a little abandoned as an Xbox player...
    I really want to replay the game but don’t want to do that until it’s made less... glitchy and slow to load so I can’t actually see anything I’m doing...
  • Yeahhh were going to be waiting awhile.
    If it comes out at all-
  • (Quote) Please make the Xbox version more playable first, oh mighty deep sea god! I desperately want to enjoy the full experience without the rendering issues !
  • I agree! I love freedom mode, cause I find collecting food and stuff tedious, but if coffee and snacks where a little health boost it would make them worth having and not just stuff to throw away
  • A tame system for some of the predators would be bad ass. Even if it worked mostly the way it works now but just ave the creature “follow” you if you hatch it from an egg and then take it outside. Maybe only have one able to follow you at once or ha…
  • Okay so I just finished the game here’s a short list of the bugs I found
    Rendering is to slow so I swim right over wrecks and boxes and important things and miss them altogether.
    When swimming along I’ll be seeing nothing then suddenly a…
  • Is there a way to vote on just the Xbox ones? I just put out my time capsule but even after playing for 30 hours I actually have never seen a time capsule in the wild as it where... probably because of the loading problems on the Xbox, speaking of w…
  • Wait wait! How do I get to launch peramiters!
    I’m having the same problem it makes the game borderline unplayable. Please tell me how you fixed it!?
    Oh wait... your talking about for the pc... >.> c’mon man that’s not fair
  • Have the gods abandoned us?

    Okay I joke but that’s a serious question.
    I can’t see any responses from any devs on anything that even takes place this year for the Xbox updates wise on there development blog...
    it looks like t…