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  • parallel processing units are in the Mercury crash.

    I used the Prawn suit far more than the sea truck. I think that one is just a matter of preference.
  • the prawn suit was not useless. If you are into major base construction drill arm is very valuable and you can actually fight the creatures with it if that is your thing and I found it far better then snow fox on land (snow fox is almost worthless b…
  • 1.) I liked the greater emphasis on story. It is unique to survival games and a fresh change of pace. That said the story was a bit bumpy as you found stuff out of order but I would like to see them keep trying. I like how Robbin is here on purpose,…
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    No the benefit to gameplay is increased difficulty and sense of dread. if they make hail storms less frequent and do minimal damage gives a sense of dread without being a major hindrance. Also the pda gives you a weather warning an…
  • I had this same concern. If someone used all the cubes to make power cells and not the recycler they could get a hard game over. especially since the component that requires the ion cube had no ion cubes nearby. (I was panicking that I might not hav…
  • I think the issue here is Al-AN is too deep. I had this issue too, got the signal and figured I would go down when I had better diving equipment and then got invested in the Sam plotline and forgot about it.
  • I had a Similar experience. was not interested in the Mystery signal for a good while but I did find a ton of diamonds early and robotics lab so not as rough as a time. Not sure how to best address this though as the game does give us plenty of prom…