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    As long as number of circles isn't too big, you can get a decent idea by strafing. The ones that shift most against background are the farthest away.
  • I very much hope that multiplayer won't happen.

    Multiplayer requires very different approach to game design and balance than exploration-survival sandbox. Trying to introduce them into base SP game would break the SP experience and I don…
  • Aside from extremely small storage space, my big problem with seatruck is the same as with cyclops. Meaning, the storage modules can't dock. Going in and out the train to transfere materials grows old fast.

    I would love if we could have …
  • First, majority of cards and consoles do not support RTX with even remotely acceptable framerate. Those that do suffer from impressive performance drop on RTX-enabled games.
    Second, lightning with RTX and without RTX need different approach to…
  • (Quote) It's not so about darkness, as a combination of dim light, dark textures and murkiness. I can easily see things close to me, so navigating in PRAWN or outside vehicle is fine. But when piloting cyclops, I need to see further away and thin…
  • >I never once needed to use the sonar, let alone down there. It was all very bright in the ILZ and clear enough to see across to the terrain's render distance.

    Strange. Could you please share your graphic settings? Because I did have …
  • Did you try to navigate ILZ and lava corridor without sonar? Was it fun?
  • Interesting.

    I hated Cyclops. First because it actually is another major base, but I already had enough with managing just one. Second, because the damn thing was too big to fit anywhere. Regretfully, I needed it to haul resources for bu…
  • (Quote) Maybe. the central chamber in ILZ isn't as bad as lava corridor though. That one is positively atrocious. I guess, something can be worked around with imitating eye light sensitivity adaptation, but I dunno how to design relevant mechanic…
  • How many peoples have already complained about storage seatruck module having too small storage capacity? Because it's storage capacity is incredibly small. I mean, seriously. By in-game size you can but there two big quartz+2Ti lockers with 48 stor…
  • > As you go deeper into the ocean (crystal caves, fabricator caverns, lily flowers, deep purple vents, etc), the biomes should get DARKER, because you are going further away from the sun.

    While somewhat* true in theory, it is a huge p…