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    I tried it before buying but you need more then 1 hour to realize how bugged it is and after 3-4 hours like i said day 1 purchase after trying the trial i had enough and once you get a cyclop....... its like having a seizure with a…
  • i purchased day one was waiting on update to play cause for me after 4 hours of bugs and frame rate issues i had enough but now I am actually thinking this game will never run properly on Xbox i don't know but if it runs like this after an update th…
  • Tried the update was hoping to say good things but i will wait i just can't accept to play and have to reload my game every 5 mins to fix the glitches / bugs , fish , salt breakable rocks just disappearing , bubble sound that drives you nuts , and t…
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    Ahhh oh well performance for me is the most important but i was really hoping to let go of an other game preview i play called The Division, this last expansion just broke more stuff that was not even fixed yet and the rewarding sy…
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    Please go DEEP with the testing! Thanks from the players, well waiting
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    you can't blame people for getting angrier then others we all deal with stuff differently and you don't release something months behind from what you have right now on PC clearly knowing in what state the game was back then and peo…
  • why are you guys playing this in this state, do like me and wait till the update save yourself from so much frustration and deception.
  • I say remove for sure, just leave it for creative mode and that you can't gain any achievements if you cheat time , if they ever implement achievements for Subnautica i dunno...
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    Hi! its me! i'm here lurking dev notes since day one purchase on XB1 Haven't played since day one too waiting for when i will be able to enjoy the game but i have to say this is a love / hate relationship lol.... but you guys have …
  • Patiently waiting they can take one more month for me if it just plays smoothly.
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    Thanks for the details i haven't played since i made my purchase but i don't care now i am loving this info and i want you guys to take the time you really need if its for what you wrote right here and i hope my little 20$ helps yo…
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    I wouldn't mind playing if the frame rate wasn't that bad, i understand i will never get a stable FPS i don't mine a bit of frame skipping but this is just to much and the thing that bothers me is that the trailer for Xbox one does…
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    Dude some games are in early preview (access) for 4++ years , some will never see the light of day of a release date and have received more money then triple A titles and this is a PORT from PC so for me this was rushed out i don't…
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    Thanks for the update can't wait , just hope the frame rate gets better with this update.
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    same here my man sad tho, great game just not right now.
  • I just freaking want to play so bad lol i am on here every day checking to see when i will be able to enjoy the game...gahhh!