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  • Updated the map on the workshop, turns out that the game_setup.xml needed to be removed or it would give you lua errors and not start the map at all.
  • After some issues that I've never had before it should work now yes.
    Also, i had some ideas for the map itself.
    The original Lost has plenty of smaller areas that i don't see fit when it comes to NS2, so i would either remove them comple…
  • Started detailing a bit today, mainly to test out different ideas i have for the overall theme.
    As for Steam Workshop, i managed to fix it today with the help of ObliviousSight!
    The link is in my original post.
  • I keep getting "Publish Failed: The specified mod could not be found on the Workshop." though i am updating the exact same file from the same directory, will have to try again later but for now there is a link to Mediafire you can use.
  • I've updated the map, go test it out and give me some feedback.
  • Hello.
    How exactly does one update an already existing item on the Workshop with this new Publisher?
    I am trying to update an item i uploaded using the old Publish feature and i just can't seem to update it after the feature was changed.
  • Will post an updated one eventually, also had a think earlier today and would it be worth building the map using NS2 content so people can play the map, then start changing it to it's own theme?
  • I am currently implementing changes to the grey boxing that i hope will make the map more enjoyable, this includes some redesigned areas, some new areas as well as a new tech point for a total of 5.
  • The current release is up to date with the feedback I've gotten, i am still looking to improve some areas without ruining the layout and gameplay of it and i really appreciate any feedback i can get to make it even better.
  • I have no issues with creating my own stuff as that is how i prefer it, however, if people really aren't tired of the same old models, textures and such then fine.
    It's probably more of a way to create something quite different theme-wise that…
  • Long time no post, been really busy where i work during the summer so had to take a break from the map but i have decided to start again by looking at the story behind Lost and how i can create a theme using it. My plan is to make a completely custo…
  • Well that was certainly different, rotating the whole thing is actually easy to do so will do it for the next release.
  • Been busy with real life lately but decided to upload the latest version for you guys to test tonight during your playtest session, not a big changelog but still critical, also added a new screenshot of the current overview.
  • I've already changed the hive for the next release, basically putting the tech point at the other side of the room.
  • I've taken the feedback you posted ObliviousSight and updated the map to Alpha 4, it includes some major changes so it needs to obviously be tested again, i also uploaded a new overview seeing so much was changed in this version.
  • Awesome, will look into all of this later today.
  • Just uploaded Alpha 3 of the level with some major changes, like the Alpha/Equilibrium hive.
    Go test and give some feedback, wouldn't surprise me if i need to add some ventilations.
  • (Quote)
    Hey Tane!
    Thanks for your feedback, the new alpha version i released a couple of days ago has the ventilation removed near marine start and the map itself does not have any double RTs, i will check the Alpha hive and the rest…
  • Whenever i am done with Lost i will most likely start on Ayumi, always loved that map and it was made by a swede <3
  • Been working on the map during the evening and have now uploaded Alpha 2 based on feedback and some things i found myself, go go test it out and come back with more delicious comments!

    I also added a new overview that i took ingame.
  • (Quote)
    Some great ideas here, about Temperature Control, i already had my doubts and wanted to find a proper way to incorporate a pair of stairs into it instead of a ladder, will take a second look at it.
  • Really like how this is coming along, just played Combat the other day and i've missed it :D
  • Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it!

    I've added a new overview to my first post, added the names and ventilations while cleaning it up really.

    I would advice to test the map ingame to get a better feel for it, alrea…
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