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  • can you imagine babblers + adrenaline + sitting next to mcs (the current ones that regen energy) stupid emoticon limit... use your imagination.
  • no I'm pretty sure OCs are hitscan even though they shoot a projectile it is purely for special effects. it's just like the lerk spike. they are both hitscan weapons
  • i agree they should take a random (up to 1.5 seconds) to "lock on" and then not lose targeting after that (but still have a %chance to miss)
  • ocs are certainly not worth the investment right now but are still very useful when well placed. i usually use them to block off siege rooms and other places where a phase gate going up will result in disaster. but they are very expensive and you re…
  • i've been playing since the 2nd week NS went public and the first game i joined was on eclipse and the marine base was already overun by aliens. eclipse spawn was very different then with a vent into the marine start where you can gas marines and th…
  • QUOTE(Garet_Jax @ Dec 30 2006, 05:52 AM) » Thread author- just because you don't enjoy skulking doesn't mean we don't. I like skulking- unless I'm forced to use (or fight against) cloak. There are so many inaccurcies in your post that I'm not ev…
  • [/quote] QUOTE(tjosan @ Dec 30 2006, 01:35 AM) » You shouldn't be waiting for minutes in one ambush point, then you're doing it wrong. Knowing where and when is also a skill - a strategical and tactical skill for all you fanatics out there. If yo…
  • elitist comment featuring complaining that is fine or not overpowered because he loves exploiting imbalances to own players that stand no chance. Oh my. none of these learn to play comments convinces anyone that skulks are fun to play. If you're…
  • so many games.... so little time... makes me sad
  • I think the biggest problem with NS is that it's no fun being a skulk. They become obsolete almost immediately and stay obsolete until and if you get xeno. 1 marine will slaughter legions of skulks . Skulks are only good for ambushes and…
  • Merl's backup util link is down at VERC. Can someone upload it to a free storage site so I can get it please? Thanks.
  • QUOTE(TerRaKanE @ Dec 12 2006, 08:46 AM) » WTH... I honestly hope this is no serious guid lol -.- this is exactly how some people play CO. If you follow it, you will have fun, albeit at the expense of some of your teammates The superonos is…
  • maybe i've gone blind but i cannot find the constellation forum anymore
  • QUOTE (ReK @ Aug 6 2005, 09:09 PM) I'm afraid his policy on configs is too much. Programs, completely understandable, but a couple of text files? I'm out on this, sorry. a little script heavy aren't we? i'll be there unless i get killed …
  • QUOTE (Mantrid @ Aug 6 2005, 07:34 PM) Well, if he's so interested in using the powers of logic, try this: You can't logically justify that not existing is preferable to existing. To do so would mean being able to compare non-existance with existan…
  • QUOTE (ultranewb @ Aug 6 2005, 02:15 PM) RICOCHET SOURCE gawd i hope not. if they're spending manpower on ricoshit instead of dod:s i'll be PO'ed
  • i thought firearms is a dead mod. last time i installed it the servers were near empty and i promptly uninstalled it. it had some nice looking maps thnough, but the gameplay just wasn't great.