Do any of the admins pay attention to our post?


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  • 8 months since last update for xbox1.
    8 months they did 2 updates for pc and released a new dlc for pc yet i can't get them to fix the fuckin bugs that are causing me glitch into caves with a seamoth. Seriously
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    Also also no i didn't get that they were fixing it through our bug report and stuff because when i tried reporting bugs they said i needed otherization.
    And to get that i needed to go to a site. But i needed permission from …
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    Are they even workin on it? I've asked a few times and been told they stopped tryin to fix it for xbox release that they are simply workin onnn pc only now because microsoft is being a bitch about it
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    I have a friend (one who recommend the game) says she never has problems on it and I'm just like lucky as heck
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    I was wondering if it had something to do with Microsoft or if it was simply just the configuration to xbox from pc that caused issues
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    Happens all the time to me but my base gets attacked by laviathan... when my base is under my emergency pod
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    They won't fix it ever.
    They have been quiet for over 2 months if not more now
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    They aren't ignoring us... i think they just gave the hell up on us because i tried reporting issues In game... And i have to have permission to do so and to get permission i have to go to this other site but to get to …
  • ... well you guys got it out and now we have multiple bugs I've been playing for about 2 weeks maybe 3 and I'm getting bug after bug which sucks because the computer verson is apparently really flippen good but the version for the xbox1 is just glit…
  • Ooh so many bugs.
    The fish spawning into my base happens all the Times. I've had laviathan attack my base (literally I'm building right under my giant escape pod)
    Glitched into the alien island because it didn't load fast enough (happen…