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  • Forum is not dead pSy!
  • Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you'd make a nice review! :smiley:
    Thank you so much for putting in the work to m…
  • Really looking forward to trying this out for the first time. Haven't seen a single test or image, besides this one.
  • My pc often starts out slowly caching the textures and what not, my game can have hiccups the first time I run across new assets on map changes etc. rest of the time it's stable FPS above 100, even at high settings.
    A way around that is to loa…
  • Build 0.9.5; Improvements!
    Things are looking better and better!

    I recently added a lot of changes to the map based on feedback, if you've played the map in the last two weeks, some of these changes might not seem new.
    The ch…
  • Thanks!
    I thought about it. If we just had some human bones / skeleton props, I would be happy to oblige, not sure much is alive down there anymore.
    Maybe I can look into adding them myself and updating it a little post release
  • Build 0.9; General Population, L-ima, O-Liver, C-harlie and K-ilo!
    Hell, it's about time.. Welcome inmate.

    One rework destroying 250 hours after learning a lot. Now after almost 1250 hours, split over a period of 7 years, with on a…
  • Build 0.8; Laundry. It was so clean until the Khaara moved in..

    I finally after years, finished a new build for Prison. This is by far one of the largest builds I've done so far.
    I had honestly begun to believe, that I would never …
  • I really like the ceiling increases, they look natural and should provide some nice cover. Look forward to playing the new build !
  • You guys are forgetting about Avatar, I always wanted to kill blue elves with Exo-suits.
  • Build 0.7 is here; UNLIMITED POWAH.. That is until the Khaara kills the node..

    I finished detailing Generator, I might work more on the actual generator in the future, but for now I like how it ended up, and I hope you will enjoy it too …
  • Babbler Tower Defense confirmed, got it.
  • Build 0.7 is just around the corner !! I will publish the build tonight or tommorow, just in time for this week's SCC testing. I got a few more issues to correct, but it should not take too long. I am however going out for the rest of the day, so do…
  • Hotfixed a few things based on feedback, hope you enjoy !
      LATEST CHANGES; 15/01-2018.
        - Further changes to General Population:
          * Now has a walkway across the upper level.
            * Lowere…
          • Really liked the game we played last night, my only concern was how hard it was for me to fight back against the arc siege from slice. I spent a good deal of time dying over and over trying different things. The wasted effort, that the marines put t…
            in ns2_fusion Comment by Vert^ January 2018
          • Staging Area is fixed for the Marines, and Prison Defenses is static for the Aliens. Sort of intended as a North vs South scenario.
            I will give the Ready Room another pass down the road, as I've run into some game play issues since the relaunc…
          • It's finally time to go back to Prison!

            Build 0.6.5 is complete and feature a fully remade General Population.

            Updated mini map in first post. All feedback is greatly valued and appreciated, keep it coming
          • Hello everyone ! I have been hard at work on prison, as I was going to try and get it ready for this Sundays testing. I've been redoing a lot of the remaining grey-box. I was nearly done with the build too, but unfortunately I've been called to work…
          • Time has passed and wounds have healed. Due to popular request from various EU / NA server owners, i officially declare ns2_prison for revived. I will be streaming some of the creation sessions, maybe one later tonight.

            Stay tuned for ne…
          • Thanks, you too.

          • I have deleted my workshop file for prison and I will not complete this map. I hold on to it for future resume use and I hope all of you the very best.

            After the clear negligence from UWE, I am never coming back to this game. I hope you …
          • Thanks for deleting my within guideline threads regarding UWE's direction with NS2. I will now apply for a consumer case against you breaking your own guidelines and take my post to various boards across steam.

            This finally proved to me …
          • I can't agree with the way you formulated that, but I do agree with your viewpoint. The devs are still humans and demand the same verbal respect we'd like. I do however wholeheartedly agree, that they have been ignorant and their choices ill made, w…
          • Great... New changes, but still only 200 - 350 people playing on avg.
          • (Quote)
            @dePARA, You quoted my recommended review about NS2, I wrote after around 1000h's. But ns2 being a hard game is still not a bad thing, there is a ton of pl…
            in NS2Free2PLay Comment by Vert^ July 2016
          • I'd also pitch in that Wooza's server is quite nice, even though a lot of people hate it for its big player size. The owner is nice to talk to and happy to help new players, unless your not talking nice to him.

            I'd also take a look at th…
          • (Quote)
            Well we are advocating for exactly more players, because the playerbase currently is WAAAAAY too low, and has been for ages, for many of us veterans to continue to care about this game, with so many other good options curren…
            in NS2Free2PLay Comment by Vert^ July 2016
          • (Quote)
            You forgot empty servers on the majority of the browser. There's also a big difference between f2p and a free weekend fyi.
            in NS2Free2PLay Comment by Vert^ July 2016