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  • I really hates those freaks more than the Leviathans. *Just dealt with some bone sharks who look to like me a bit too much. I barely survived "yeah! I surv..." BZZZIOOOON! SPLATCH! Dead, warped and slashed *"Oh fraaaak that's the sea dragon!* …
  • The moonpool is a real problem. Its legs tend to pop out event if there is absolutely nothing below which is a pain in the ass when you want a slick "belly" to easier docking. And yeah placing parts can be irritating to say the least. Playing some …
  • Why kinetic? EM radiations can be bent by gravity. That's how we use gravitional lenses and why black holes abuse light. So you can have a technology allowing a beam to be bent by gravitational forces (perhaps artificial ones) Hopefully in Subnau…
  • yup half tube with open top would be nice. The stairs, oh yup, I would love them. Same with sloped corridors. Bigger wall lockers. As a real farmer I found myself build HUNDREDS of wall lockers and I would love bigger ones (and with editable p…
  • You can think what you want, it's not a problem... until you share it. Then you can face the responsability for saying what you think. And you say what he said, it's not a surprise some people show you the door because what he said was loathful. Fr…
  • I just eat some fishes time to time because, you know food diversity is key of healthy condition... Really, food/water is not an issue even if they decrease quite fast. you can make water with bladderfishes, you can find easily tons of salt even be…
  • yup, I have 6 plants pots filled with 4 melons. I eat 3, I turn one in seeds, plant them, repeat... No more food/water issue. Before I used bulbo tree samples but it was nerfed by the last update. I even don't use the water done by the purifier. I …