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  • Killenjoke no offense but it's obvious you haven't explored much with

    1. Hull integrity they have bulkheads and reinforced walls for improving strength but I do agree their should be a station to see how secure your base really is. And …
  • The Xbox version is months behind the PC version they are not in the Xbox version yet but they should be by the time the next uplate comes out the Devs said in another thread that they're close to bringing them to the same
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    It's not about the PC being able to handle it it's about being fair I think. Xbox1 players wish they could terraform to build bases but if should be both or neither. And it does break the general point of the game personally I th…
  • Crash powder not appearing is not a glitch it just has a very low spawn rate do to the fact you only need one for for the entire game. It's roughly a 1/10 chance of getting it. Though I have experienced some if these glitches some are not glitches..…
  • THERE IS NO REAL FIX (CAUSES AT THE BOTTOM) quit out all the way even turn off your Xbox and load a few times if it still doesn't work you're SOL and need to start a new game.
    I too am playing on Xbox and run into this glitch too many time…
  • Ruger, the game does crash a lot because xbox can handle the graphics. The crashes are usually do to frame rate lag. Avoid building overly complex bases and never build a structure that alters the landscape. That will help avoid frame rate drops …