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  • This seems to be the new issue as it's been reported on reddit and here a few times. I've experienced it near the orange cache below the degasi 500m area and only saved in the prawn because I was so deep without upgrades lol. After saving a warper w…
  • I have the same issue but it was near the orange tablet cache near the degasi 500m is. I saved while in the prawn bit I thought it was right when a warped tried teleporting me and broke the prawn functions too .. but yeah I cant load that save as it…
  • That's what it is. On switch I had the same issue with the sea truck doing that but angling it as a line and less tilt worked.
  • Hate to revive this but now the switch is suffering from this. I was loaded up on cyclops near the lifepod and saved to take a break. I was all prepped for the primary containment. I just came back to it saying corrupted save file. Really annoyed as…
  • Hmm I'm at over a day and no issues other than crashing ingame after long distance travelling... you arent using cheats right?
  • I'd like to know why the switch version isnt at release version. On streams I see a may 2021 44290 date for the games but switch is at april... maybe that's the cause of the frequent crashes too?

    Other than that is there even a reason to…
  • I tried reporting this through the game but I did figure out what it is and why the original does not suffer from the same issue.

    There is a memory issue where it still retains where you've been versus clearing it like in the original. T…