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    America! Our innovation is matched only by our incompetence.
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    This goes back to my earlier point. Skulks are fragile. Marginally increasing them to less fragile is not nearly as effective as giving them strong ambush tools.

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    Medpacks. You're version of crush would make medpacks work much better. Current crush makes medpacks less effective.
  • Pubs are indeed scatterbrained messes. Who on the team can, in general, best increase communication and coordination? The comm. Of course, the degree to which the comm is best is debatable and dependent on the players in any given game.
  • OK. I looked it up, found a vid, looks like it's belly sliding then immediately jumping and continuing to jump to maintain speed. That explains why sometimes I can chase a gorge, sometimes I cannot.

    See, I don't need to be spoon fed. …
  • What is "gorge bunnyhop movement"?

    BTW, I know I could look these things up myself, but I prefer more conversational methods.
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    "Bone shield restores 50% less armor and blocks 15% less damage from the front. We achieved this by taking away their milk and not giving them any natural sunlight."
  • OK, yes, a skulk should know to res bite, they do have a different perspective from the comm that in some ways is better, the comm is not a babysitter. But what do you do when you have a newbie skulk who is running around just charging face first i…
  • What else is different in comp mod from the regular game?
  • Any server I join has 3 "UWE" mods automatically load. What are those? I'm making my own server with cheats to test game mechanics and I want to make sure what I test is applicable to actual games.
  • I know I commed an alien game and I had a gorge who was requesting harvesters. Maybe that's part of a mod?
  • OH YEA ANOTHER ONE. How do you bind the "request extractor/harvester" command? I don't see it in key bindings.
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    I'll just agree to disagree then. I don't know the ways devs get their feedback, and I've only been truly active with this game for about 1-2 weeks so I don't know how things are. I default to "devs are good" until I see otherwis…
  • Onos gore vs exo (after subtracting armor abortion) with and without crush:
      * Without=100 * With=121

    That's a significant amount of extra damage. Vs A1 exos, that's three hits instead of four. Vs A2 it's four hits for both, but cru…
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    I agree, skulks should know to res bite. I think it would be more accurate to say that the comm should sometimes direct who, when, and where to res bite. Experienced skulks do not need very much direction, but they still don't ha…
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    Agreed. That's why I say "viable, but not as viable as shade/shift, all things considered". Considering rookies and pubs means that crag is less viable overall when compared to other options. If players know how to take advantag…
  • Coordination and setting specific goals is the job of the commander. Limiting big picture info to the comm and not having it on ground troops HUD is one the defining characteristics of NS2 and IMO one of the things that make it fun. If players do …
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    You're right. I didn't think about that.
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    Regular forum posters do not speak for everyone. Usually forums provide a subset of players that is small compared to the overall playerbase, so forum opinions are not universal by any means. Furthermore, assuming the devs and co…
  • New Qs!
      1. Does crag heal go through walls? I've always just assumed it does, but I don't remember if it's a fact or I just imagined it. 2. Where is the new community wiki? It's just... gone.
  • Yay for more people playing NS2! When you jump in, I highly recommend doing all 4 tutorials. They are short, to the point, and decently engaging. Also check out Hive Challenge in the training section. It lets you practice Lerk and Fade in a cont…
    in New Player Comment by Karpman March 2017
  • Here's a question I can't answer: are exos good enough at their intended role for their cost?
  • If conceding is an issue, make it so people have a limited number of concedes per week. Then they will only concede if the game is truly lost.
  • I fully believe a good matchmaker is the single biggest improvement this game needs. Browsing servers is a PITA for me, and I don't think I'm an anomaly. Props to you guys improving it!

    Yay babbler improvement! Now let me shoot bait l…
  • After investigating and researching, I'm changing my stance from "viable" to "viable, but not as viable as shade/shift, all things considered". Carapace, regen, heal wave, and mucous membrane definitely benefit later lifeforms much more than skulks…
  • You can get focus and crush together. How does that work out? The community wiki does not have focus data and the new wiki has disappeared.
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    Of course. I'll pay attention in the future. My complaint isn't so much about that specific round as the thinking that made it happen.
  • Played a game last night where all the players except me went rines, I went aliens and commed. All I had were bots. I did not notice at first and wondered why my team was so brain dead. I ended up using alt-F4 and played Overwatch the rest of t…