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    True, but they don’t regenerate health overtime and they don’t really dodge attacks so they are bound to die at some point. Unless I’m wrong.

    But yeah, I don’t really mind the cuddlefish as it is right now (it’s adorabl…
  • I support anything that represents decoration or luxury when it comes to base building! (And yes, a shower is a luxury in a survival game)
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    Maybe have Leviathans try to bite of chuncks of the base (notably glass ones so the player could see it happening) similar to how the megalodon in the recent movie “The Meg” bites the glass coridor (you can see that exact scene in …
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    I agree, it would be nice to have a “panic” mechanic or something similar where once you get bitten you’d start to lose oxygen faster for a short duration before returning to normal or until you repell the attcker/swim away. Or som…
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    Alterra technology will surely be able to handle it
  • whale_2_by_grindeath_art-d8mjy9w.jpg

    That looks perfect for a deep and hard to reach biome
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    I was waiting for somebody to say that :D
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    That's actually genius. They should make the edges of the map an actual biome. And it should be a dark, rocky and extremely steep slope into a dark abyss.
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    Koosh is purply and sorta light, but those eels are annoying
  • The most terrifying part for me is the thought of unconsciously crossing the edges of the world and be lost in the emptiness. This is one of the main reasons I despise losing sight of the seabed. The sound effects emitted from the blood crawlers in …
  • My explanation was bad indeed
  • I like how everybody sounds smart in this forum ^^ Well, I guess Alterra wouldn't have hired us if we weren't smart... but then we wouldn't have crashed on 4546B... Huh...
  • I didn't say to literally add the Mariana Trench, I just said it should be a creepy biome, and The Lost River is too lively to be the Mariana Trench of Subnautica, but I guess it's not something that'd really fit in Subnautica.
  • scifiwriterguy, you have a valid point, but let's consider for a minute that maybe this can be implemented in just one (or a few) biomes. Like (this is totally a random example) the safe shallows. They are shallow and meant to be the safe starting z…
  • Not really, it should be something stunning. More amazing than the Underwater Islands, more tropical than the Safe Shallows and the Floater Island. You know. It'll be unique. It should be surrounded by dangerous Biomes and deep dark waters.