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  • I don't think this has been reported yet but...

    Stalkers are finally living up to their names.

    And it's super weird and creepy.

    Last night I went into the creepvine forest and one chased me all the way back to the…
  • I really like the trilomite idea. Very cool.

    Personally I'd like to see more creatures akin to hermit crabs, sea snails, and starfish, or even a nudibranch. I know there are some starfish like creatures in one are of the game that are …
  • For the "bigger" small fish; maybe they could add in aesthetic larger fish like this. Like the scholes of hoopfish and boomerangs you see but can't interact with.
  • I'm not sure about comparing something so vast and horrific in the oceans of Subnautica to a great white when we already have the Reaper Leviathan out there that is much bigger. I'd love to see something extremely rare that exists only in the deepe…
  • I'd personally like to see something to the effect of a hurricane. Not right now, of course, because I just want them to master what they're already working on, but seeing rough sea's and a hellatious hurricane I think would really add some depth t…
  • Limestone isn't spawning in properly. I've seen two limestone's in the 33 minutes I've played so far. Only one of them gave me anything; the other one said "Copper Ore" when I broke it but I didn't actually pick up the item.

    When the c…
  • Agreed. I'd love to be able to kill the lights when they're not needed.
  • 1) Invisible Crash: I was in a cave last night and heard a crash plant open. Looked around, didn't see anything... And suddenly found myself blown up. I've looked for the plant etc and never found it. It's odd because the rest I've seen com…
    in Bugs On Xbox Comment by JFCapps May 2016