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  • nothing i love more than not being able to shoot my gun cause the comm won't or can't drop ammo
  • (Quote) it's more likely that they have a better perspective. use your head
  • (Quote) it's ok if you're not smart enough to engage in a discussion on game design, but it's dishonest to dismiss it as a troll.
  • (Quote) so what the fuck is your point then?
  • I'm going to have to disagree. I personally know at least 3 people I play with that are perfectly capable of playing comm at the top competitive level with almost no practice at it. There are of course a lot of other design problems with it beside…
  • (Quote)
    There are many competitive gamers that do not only stick with one game or genre. They generally have a much better grasp of game design and the flaws and strengths of game than people without a historical and nuanced perspective.<…
  • (Quote) the skill ceiling for marine command is very, very low. Anybody with a bit of an RTS background will hit it almost immediately.

    Marine commanding has the problem of tying an entire team's success too much to one player while …
  • (Quote) no, i actually understand fps game design pretty well.

    the idea of making higher skilled traveling mechanics rather than improve the combat mechanics (and skulk combat mechanics are really, really bad) is flawed

  • that would be silly.

    ns2 is fundamentally flawed at the core of its design. Nothing in this mod really addresses the key design issues in the game, and in many ways, makes it worse.
  • that is one of the most pathetic lists of shooters I've ever seen

    whoring for page views, sigh
  • maybe u should try playing a game with an actual comp scene

    those skills carry over 2 ez
  • jealous nerdvirgin alert
  • nice effort post

    my impression from the post was from the numerous fades (including comp fades) that spam shadowstep into marines' faces and hold down m1
  • (Quote) yeah now you have to spam blink and jump and m1

    anybody spamming shadowstep m1 in vanilla will get owned by good shotgunners
  • (Quote) Who are you talking about that is autoaiming? I run a server and would like to know their names for future reference
  • (Quote) you do realize that shadowstep has an effective range, right? Good marines position themselves in ways, using a combination of covers, walls, and distance to properly counter that.

    Also, the current BT shadow step cannot move…
  • (Quote) How many top level aimers do you play against regularly? They'll hit shots on you no matter what you do. All those shadowstepping and double jump options are really important for mitigating their shot damage and percentage. And if you …
  • (Quote) Find me a video of anyone, and i'll tear apart their play easily

    i also play with marines that are mechanically much better than anyone on archaea, but that's a point for another day
  • (Quote) Let's be fair: from a game design standpoint, both ns1 and ns2 are pretty bad. And yes I would rework the game from the ground up given the opportunity.

    It's just plain depressing to be a skulk late game. Sometimes this is u…
  • (Quote) This is a joke...right?

    1) BT mod fade is going to be much more obtuse for beginners. Nobody is going to understand how to move around intuitively.

    2) I have yet to see any proof of there being anything remotely r…
  • (Quote) That doesn't make it more difficult, it just makes it easier for shotgunners to annihilate you. Unpredictability can be thought of as a continuous scale: if you get rid of too much of it, all you're going to do is not give the fade the r…
  • why doesn't shadowstep work in all eight directions on a plane now?
  • (Quote) There are precisely 0 comp players that have mastered base ns2 fade. Most of them still simply shadowstep into marines' faces and swipe 3 times and then run away. I have yet to see any replicate many of the tricks I employ to regularly …
  • (Quote) 3d movement doesn't mean much when it comes to actual combat, in which case you have to actually approach a marine. The shadowstep upgrade with higher energy demands and no double jump loses a lot of the neat movement options you have to…
  • The fade combat has a lot less depth with blink being the primary movement. The fact that you have to be looking in the direction that you're traveling eliminates a lot of great ways of attacking from vanilla.
  • (Quote) I'm sure there was a clear winner, it's just that both teams were so bad that it didn't matter.
  • marines are definitely way more powerful if they have anybody that knows what they're doing, considering both early and late game is incredibly marine favored.

  • So is there like information somewhere on this mod? I really don't want to search through 50 pages in this thread for detailed explanations of the mechanics
  • Quick question: does celerity in this mod only affect out of combat speed, or does it also affect in combat speed? If the former, it should be changed to the latter
  • people always jump in comm when i drop myself a tres lerk, it is very frustrating