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  • Thanks for the infos :) in fact the problem comes from the lib classes (LibLocales.lua) if you remove it, ns2 will not crash, but it …
  • Nice work !
    By the way it would be very usefull to write some docs for modding, or at least explain the core functionnalities (networkvars, client, server, predict VMs, important vars and so on).
  • Hi, did you figure out why it failed ?
    I had the same problem, I solved it by changing its name in "configure" panel.

    edit: I failed, this solution is not working....

    edit2: I created a new mod not a map, I published it…
  • ok, my version of the mod might be called "the hungry fade" or "the mighty fade" then.
    I'm not copying/pasting the hidden mod as it exists on hl², I'm trying to do something else.
    in Hidden Mod Comment by Gobi May 2013
  • Another idea is to question player at the end of a game, asking them if they want to play The Faded or not, and then random only for those asking for it.
    Because I often see people who F4 when they are fade, they only want to play marine.
    in Hidden Mod Comment by Gobi May 2013
  • (Quote)
    I'm currently modifying your mod, I'm really thinking about its gameplay, and how to make this mod a classic of NS2.

    The major problem I got is that a player can be dead for as long as 7min right now.
    If you are t…
    in Hidden Mod Comment by Gobi May 2013
  • Hi everybody!!
    I had lots of fun playing (a lot!) this mod, but there are a few changes that I hope will help this mod become better and better.
    I'm currently working on improving this mod, I hope this revised version of "THE FADEN" will…
    in Hidden Mod Comment by Gobi May 2013