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  • (Quote) In my opinion, there would need to be some serious rebalancing for sleeping in order to make this work well. I'm not sure anyone would use a bed once they found out it was tied to the destruction of the lifepod.
  • Very thorough, I like these suggestions a lot.
    As a question though, wouldn't this also change the amount of danger in the abandoning ship mechanic of the cyclops? If the water would have to flood back in whilst leaving, wouldn't it be far eas…
  • Well I wasn't expecting that reaction. (Quote) I disagree with this, as I wasn't thinking of adding reaper specifically; that's just the one that would cause the largest gameplay difference. Certain creatures moving from one biome to another (base…
  • I think they could transition to the void a little better within the current lore.
    For this, they could add small ring of new area around the current map, gradually decreasing the quantity of vegetation and creatures (perhaps even adding remai…
  • Well one way this would be fixed would be for creatures to migrate to various locations.
    Like a reaper that travels 50 metres below the surface looking for food anywhere on the map
  • More creature / context sensitive creature behaviours.
    I love when they interact with other creatures and mechanical equipment in different ways.
    Some of them interact in odd ways, like when you look at a Mesmer hypnotising another preda…
  • (Quote) This would also be a perfect opportunity to increase the length of days and nights. If you were gone for too long, then your sleep pattern would gradually get out of sync with the day and night cycle; forcing you to deal with more of the …
  • I believe that they're removing the "quit to desktop" button and replacing the quit to menu with a save and quit.
    What's more, the game will automatically save once you enter a base, cyclops or lifepod. People will not be able to save-scum exc…
  • So you are proposing a creature that has a similar shape to the warper?
    Is this supposed to be the creature before it was tampered with by the Precursors?
  • (Quote)
    I think it would be rather cool if creatures had damage negation / resistance on different parts of their body; making certain tools a necessity to even drive them off. Take a Stalker for example: on the snout and back it has harde…
  • (Quote) It wouldn't have to, they could use a suction system or cause very minimal damage instead. Even if you did manage to kill them with repeated hits, it's not any different to the knife or the grappling arm of the prawn suit.
    The probl…
  • Honestly, the game should be a lot darker in the Lost River and Inactive Lava Zone. It's simply not foreboding due to the ambient lighting.
    in Scarynautica Comment by Flanpan May 2017