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  • well how about he updates al the links so they work and you dont have to read through hrs of pages to get the right stuff BETTER STILL why dont unknown world host the files
  • I only meant for them to be used more at the begining of the game and if you give mines yes your saving res but also slowing down the speed in which the marines can get thier upgrades and hand nades ect, it will change the game quite alot really
  • I agree with this too !!!!! seems obvious to me
  • I don't think fades or onos should be able to egg in a vent and yes the eggs should be slightly bigger and if the egg shells are harder then that might give the marines more surface area for the scattered long distance shotguns ect. to fire at The…
  • yeah its a nice thing to add but i think most people will want to start shooting an egg from a distance, and from out of danger as there aint that much time to kill an egg before it fully gestates, you gotta bare in mind its gonna take time to run i…
  • DOWNLOAD HERE ZIGGY if you cant be arsed Hello STIX BTW you might wanna add my link as a mirror as there not going to go anywhere we've had the hosting for 4+ years now...
  • you might wanna add this as a mirror for file download MIRROR LINK HERE and once you got the next version done give meh a shout and i'll host that too
    in Ns_achio Comment by Faz December 2006
  • I've Added this map into the rotation of my COMBAT Server , and also to the servers fast FTP if all other links are Broken you can download it from HERE also some other maps for download there. Why not come and join us. on our 3.1 server 195.242.…
  • i did look for the best place to post this still need server admins if anyones interested the main thing is theres not many servers anymore just running on a cycle and i think this is gonna be a good thing to be able to play all the offical maps i…
  • hello guys im Mr.Faz From www.TheMrMen.net IRC #the.mr.men @quakenet SERVER IP : Our clan pretty much started at the begining and some of our good players have just simply got board mainly because there isnt enough league play …
  • i did m8 plz u got msn
  • this is what i get as an error ** Executing... ** Command: C:\PROGRA~1\VALVEH~1\tools\qcsg.exe ** Parameters: ?"c:\program files\valve hammer editor\maps\test?" qcsg.exe v2.8 (Jan 31 2000) ---- qcsg ---- ************ ERROR ************ Error ope…