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  • Well there is a file called RankedServers.json in the game files which contains a list of server IPs, and the whitelisting is done manually as stated above, and not by the server browser. So Id'k like to know whether its really just IP, and how to d…
  • How does the whitelisting work technically though? Are servers whitelisted by ip/hostname, or do the admins get some whitelist file/key? If it works by ip, how to get a server with dynamic ip whitelisted?
  • It appears to affect only the server though, as curl itself works fine:


    Do you know where ns2 reads the ssl ca cert path from…
  • Displacement is a mapping term used in hl2 maps (
    I'm attaching two screens from the kodiak ready room: …
    in Bug Report Comment by Doc_O January 2017
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    There is no way to control "how fast the player is moving". That's what I am actually suggesting: a walk button slows you down and makes you silent. Every serious shooter game has a walk button, because there is no redundancy…
  • You're right, I figured that it only accepts letters, no numbers and no other keys. Thanks for helping.
    And yea, I still learn to command so I appreciate the tips in Unable to change commander binds Comment by Doc_O April 2016
  • Yes, I'm doing my changes in the commander tab of the options menu. I'm trying to change the grid shortcuts. Basically I wanted to move the three shortcut lines up by one on the keyboard. So by default the first line is Q,W,E and the second line is …