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  • "a multiplayer option will worsen the game" get out

    That being said, I'm content to wait it out. The devs have spoken time and again about multiplayer and kept us updated on their stance on the subject. Threads like these and making de…
  • Yeah a yellow glow effect around the screen (Maybe that varies in intensity in accordance with the intensity of the sound the creature makes).

    Delfin, shame on you. The proposed solution is incredibly low-impact (No modeling or anything…
  • Frankly the liquid oxygen should be required for X deep diving. I mean, that's pretty much why we use it irl iirc? To equalize pressure inside and outside the body?
  • The game is going to stay peaceful.
    "Everyone says no guns. Okay! Give me [Not a gun] to kill things with!"
    You totally are missing the point. The game is not about devising ways to kill the creatures on the planet. At all. It's the…
  • Yeah! The crabsquid is great, isn't it?
    I love how it almost mimics the flora in the reef.
  • Yeah I had no issues playing with the new charge rate. Seems fine to me.

    My 13 year old sister wanted to try this weird game I have been playing. She's the definition of a beginner player. She had 0 issue with the battery consumption …
  • I gotta say I just don't understand the point of the original suggestion.
    If you're a gamer looking for a challenge, you play on whatever difficulty (Hardcore?) and just don't use the console. What's the difference between that and forcing ev…
  • We are probably some nobody who just got drafted for this mission out of nowhere. While a nobody, we have this peculiar skill set and a knack for being on the kind side of coincidence, resulting in us making it to an escape pod and crash landing.
  • Lol I totally second that they already set the bar super high with the reaper leviathan!
    Also, I just met the sea treader today. A+ stuff! Again it looks more alien like the reaper.
    Perhaps I emphasized "scary" a bit too much. I defin…
  • Love the update!
    Make batteries arrange in descending order in terms of charge (Possibly with option to list in ascending order?) for easier replenishing of tools.
    Scanner mod for Seamoth.
  • Considering this update changed how power cells and batteries worked, allowing you to retain used/drained units (Which you can now use to the effect kyrt just described), I think the update is fine. Before you couldn't pull drained batteries or cel…
  • I think it's a necessary change they made. The seaglide isn't meant to be an optimized mode of transportation. For full traveling and exploratory purposes, there's the Seamoth. The Seaglide is useful for short bouts and this change really emphasi…
  • Something like this would have to wait until after they eliminate terraforming. You know, cause moving land and terraforming it to connect it to stationary land would be a problem
  • I like the play on the word "Ampere" (Unit of amperage, IE current, IE electricity)
  • I like a lot of what I'm seeing this thread, from both sides.
    First off, maybe making the game harder in general can be part of a difficulty feature later. Make it so that higher difficulties scale the amount of food/water/power to sustain yo…
  • Frankly I'd like to see a lab room with unique functionality relating to tech advances from studying flora/fauna
  • Give me warp gates and the Cyclops can project warp gates to connect to any other built gate. Unf. Perhaps a bit silly, but it'd be a fun/funny feature.