[srel] Rust-free Gator And Pistol

Fox_OneFox_One Join Date: 2003-01-15 Member: 12310Members Posts: 2,597
Drake's Stuff de-rusted :D
I noticed how both of Drake's custom models had rust all over...I really didn't like this so with some selective greyscaling I managed to take the rust out of em. Looks much better IMO. The meshes have not been touched so all credits are the same with them...only difference is the skins...and I only claim 10% credit of the skins tounge.gif

No Pics because if I just showed pics of them people would say "Huh? What's the difference?" so I'd have to do before/after pics of both, then highlight the changes, and things would get outta hand. DL and see for yourself.



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