#1 Rule Of Commanding

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<div class="IPBDescription">Dont get mad!</div> Ah so many times have i seen commanders screaming down the mic or totaly loosing it and typing profanities at their marines, and probably with good reason. problem is i see this so many times, example: commander was a decent comm, and it was 7v7 on bast. we had engine secured, and were taking refinery, we had a pg up when the skulks killed the defenders, and then suddenly comm starts shouting down the voice comms for us to all phase to ref asap, *phase* *bite bite* 4 skulks on the other side died before we got off the pad, they took ref and the pg went down, comm went mad, started telling marines they were n00bs ect... well we ejected him promptly (by this time marines had 2 RTs and 1 hive, so were pretty screwed, i took command (they were good marines obaying orders and not ramboing) so we managed to get some sentrys up and start teching, fades came quickly and were raping both our bases, but upgraded marines fought them off, we eventually got JPHMG and killed refinery and then sieged feed. hard fought victory, with many setbacks along the way, but important thing was marines followed orders, and comm kept cool.

reason im posting this is because i see so often commanders getting **** off and waste time shouting at their marines for loosing a PG or something small like that, when the time would be better spent thinking what would be the best tactic to use if that particular one fails.

so all learning commanders, you will achieve better results if you stay calm and dont give up easy, remember the games never over and a marine with a jetpack and HMG can take down a hive anytime (unless their gorgs webb it, but for some reason they dont do it much..)


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    Good advice, but nevertheless I must admit I have given up on commanding. I have a lot of experience with RTS games, and I believe I am a competent commander as far as strategy is concerned, but I have not had a great deal of success with "herding the cats" as it were. As Fleetwood Mac would say, too many marines want to "go their own way." I can command one or two groups, but I cannot offer command support to six or seven independant operators. It is frustrating to drop structures that no one bothers to build, or to listen to incessant whining for equipment when we have only 3 res because no one bothers to secure nodes. Several times, I have reluctantly left the chair with a sighful comment "I just can't help you people." Worst of all are the "chairless commanders" who refuse to ever enter the CC, but scream build orders and equipment demands at the top of their lungs all game long.

    I am happy to obey cdr's orders, build stuff, gun down bugs and kill hives. But for now, at least, I have no more patience for "the chair".
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    I'll be quite honest here and though it may seem harsh and to some degree reactionary, when I have a whole team of marines begging for equipment and crying at me when I expect them to follow waypoints rather than sit at base trying to leech every last resource we don't have.. well, let's just say that anybody who calls me a n00b commander for that is immediately met with the entire base being recycled and a tree of command consoles. I don't tolerate ****, and I will get mad when I have a team of idiotic marines.

    Of course, if I wasn't in a winning scenario where it would really be a good riposte to their n00b-calling, I'd just leave the chair and let one of these brilliant beggars take over to spam weapons and eventually lose the game.
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    this post is so funny because I've been in a game where there was 6 different comm changes (due to anger and bickering and leaving and etc.) lol
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    There is a fine line between being hard, and being angry. More than once I've been flooded by marine requests, and simply told the whole team "If you aren't doing what I want you to, you're importance to me is ZERO. I will not heal you, will not give you equipment.. nothing." Fortunately, I actually have half a clue what I'm doing, so I can depend on the decent players to not join in ejecting me when I do that.

    Feel free to ignore marines which aren't contributing to anything. Just make sure you know how to mute voicechat so that can't flood over the marines you need to hear, and never worry about them again.

    Recycling the base because some wad called you a noob is just being a llama though. <!--emo&???--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/confused.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='confused.gif'><!--endemo-->
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    Not being an angry **** is valid for a solider as well. No one likes a mean screaming cussing pest.
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    I get angry often when commanding.
    But only when my marines don't do what i tell them...

    So.,.. now you know why i'm angry almost 90% of the time <!--emo&:p--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/tounge.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tounge.gif'><!--endemo-->
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    ah, i don't get angry as long as monk and inex are on my team. i just let them go where ever they want and kills dozens of skulks.

    they are insanely good shots.

    hm, come to think of it, i think i've only been on the wrong side of their LMGs..... :'(
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    I'd much rather have an angry commander than a game where we have no commander for five minutes, spend the next ten arguing over who has to be commander, and the rest of the game switching out commanders like every two minutes... -_-
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    If a comm started screaming when skulks are already biting the phase gate, it's partially the comm's fault for not anticipating that earlier.. That's why I ALWAYS go for early MT.. You can anticipate this kind of rush easily and have your marines ready to wait for those skulk **** before they get too close. Remember, it's ALWAYS too late when 2-3 skulks are already beside the phase gate eating it down..

    Of course there are times where noob marines would just walk around and thinking that they are rambos.. I HATE THEM.. I don't care how good you are.. If I am a comm and I need some ppl to help me defend some res node.. I expect you to follow my command.. Obviously those marines usually get nothing from me. Also there are the ones that refuse to relocate when I have already given that order at the beginning.. Last time in ns_hera I specifically told everyone to get to processing.. Only 1 guy arrived, 2 guys wen to cargo storage.. and I actually have 1 marine walked all the way to Archiving.. Obivously that game ended really quickly..
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    Getting mad is something i do all the time (mostly when i am comm, rarely when i am just a marine) and beleive me sometimes I am getting VERY MAD. I know i shouldnt do that but its just the way I am. However, as soon as I see my marines more or less doing what i tell them to do, I will stop shouting at them and start to listen to their suggestions. I try to give them everything they want, absolutely everything. As far as rambos are concerned, well i am just too busy to actullay spot one and keep an eye on him, therefore when my team is doing a good job i will give hmg's and ha's (or whatever is necessary) to every1 including rambos.

    PS: I did notice that (at least for me) shouting at ppl helps more often than it doesnt.
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    last night on eclipse its a 28 player server and was a nice 14v14 game. our comm was doing everything right no problem.

    but it happens that out of the 13 marines only 5 or 6 would do anything, the rest stayed in base doing nothing (even though the doors were covered with good placed mines ) they still just sat in base.

    The comm drops HMG/HA for peeps and all the base campers some how managed to get this stuff and pretty much the marines doing something got nothing ( i dont actually think i stopped once whole game to pick up ammo). we had maint locked down. southloop secur4ed with turret farm siege. building outside CC when the fades came in the 6 or so marines doing something eventually could resist the 5+ fades attacking the CC base.

    everytime i spawned i was greeted with 5-7 HA+GL/HMG marines standing in base around the armory getting ammo but not doing anything.

    The first complaint i heard from one of them about the comm, i lost it and proceeded to ridicule the lame **** base camping marines to get a move on and try contribute to the cause. all the while the comm camly carried on trying to win.. they were even gonna eject the comm cause he didnt drop a med pack in the 10 seconds that the base campers asked (even though he was busy building a new minibase at triad generator).

    my suggestion to get ppl out of main base is forget building an armory at main spawn. and just build them where u want marines. this way they might actually go some places rether than base camp.
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    This is one of the reasons why I always play aliens. The marines always have problems with each other, which usually is the reason for their loss. I hate being yelled at because I goofed up, or because something didn't go the right way. Not to mention most commanders I've met are very egotistical. All of those things make for a bad game.
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    Thats what happens when most of the players of NS come from the CS community.
    Everyone's an ****!

    I'm not pointing finger at anyone in particular but come on.. some of those people youre currently playing NS with are the same people who TK you as you spawn in CS when FF is on!
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    or would camp behind boxes in T spawn on dust for the entire game
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    sounds like that comm in the first post had teret syndrom... or however you spell that




    are about the only things i yell into the mic... some people just need a wakeup call to reality i think.
    that way they cant say... oh i didnt know.
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    I'm amazed at how many commanders have a problem with this. I was in the only HA/HMG squad on my team and my commander couldn't find us to give us health. To make matters worse we were in a weirdly name area. I was field commander.

    Me: "Commander we need health and ammo, keep track of us please!"

    Comm: "Okay where are you?"

    Me: "Ominous Kismet!"
    Meanwhile I, as well as the rest of my squad is frantically selecting "Need order"

    SQUAD: "Commander, I'm standing by!" "Where are those orders!" "Ready to move!"

    Comm: "Where?"
    We are getting attacked by skulks and lerks constantly.

    SQUAD: "Commander, I'm standing by!" "Where are those orders!" "Ready to move!"

    Comm: "You're in the Space Bar? Wha-"


    We all die. Just as everything goes black I hear the sound of health packs phasing in *sigh*
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    LOL! <!--emo&:D--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif'><!--endemo-->
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