Ground (and several aquatic) creatures. The glacial basin and Arctic spiers are too lifeless!

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Hi! It seems to me that there are too few creatures in the terrestrial biomes of the Subnautica Below Zero. They seem deserted and rather monotonous. Let's lay out the ideas of terrestrial and amphibian creatures here! I'll start with my two concepts.


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    I haven't played below zero yet, so I might sound stupid.

    What about a white rabbit? they would be prey for the snow stalkers, and then if you follow one back to it's hole (den?), there would be rare plant seeds or something.
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    Good idea! Maybe this rabbit will be able to hide in the holes of iceworms and eat Heat Fruits, and if Robin tames it with Heat Fruit or Spicy melon salad, then he can show her the way to rare resources or to a plot of important biome.
    Sorry if poorly written.
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    Analogue of mice in the real world. They inhabit the Glacial Basin, Glacier Bay and Glacier. They are amphibians. When a player builds a base, he automatically starts spawning next to it. They also occasionally spawn inside the base, especially after flooding. If they appear inside the base, then food and some things will begin to disappear from refrigerators and cabinets (Items: Fiber Mesh, Fins, Creepvine Sample, First Aid Kit.). In addition, sometimes you can accidentally find Frat in the closet as an item.
    It looks like a cross between an axolotl and a tadpole.
    Something like this

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    Sorry for the pun in the title. I just put the words "frog" and "rat" together and I got this word.
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    Randomly removing items that a player might be depending on having available is an absolutely terrible idea, as far as gameplay.
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    ut why not take seamonkey as a basis and create, for example, her amphibian subspecies, which does not steal things, but food.
    I know it turned out ugly, it's just that I'm not very good at Photoshop
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    I agree that we need some biodiversity on the land portions, in the arctic forest I’d love to see a terrestrial Relative of the sea treader, something kinda like a giraffe that eats from the trees, Additionally a terrestrial version of the hoverfish that skims across the ice Would be awesome, and perhaps the most obvious addition would be an arctic variant of the cave crawler maybe making it fuzzy and basing it on the yeti-crab.
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    Thanks for the support! By the way, the ground hoverfish existed, but for some reason it was removed: (It would be great if it was added!
    Hover Lizard
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    Hello! My idea may seem silly, but I think the Leviathans of the Sea Emperors should be returned to Subnautica Below Zero. Otherwise, it is not clear how the local fauna was cured of Kharaa. Yes, I know that Sea Emperors no longer participate in the plot. But you can change the plot a bit. For example, Al-An’s “new vessel” somehow got infected with the Kharaa bacterium, and Al-an asked Robin Ayou to bring some enzyme from the Sea Emperors to recover.
    Sorry, if poorly written
    For illustration
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    The ground sections are the weakest part of this game. Just played Subnautica OG again, and man that's a fun game. There's so much less water area in this game (if not, it feels like it!) and way too much walking or snowfoxing about.
    Go back to the roots of what made Subnautica great, mainly the underwater mysteries.
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    What about a creature with a dragon head, human hands and reptile back?!
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