Cyclops-docked Seamoth Vanishing bug

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This has happened twice to me now, the first time it was fully upgraded too. I didn't realize it was a bug until the second time. As you can see in the linked video the Cyclops thinks the Seamoth is still docked though it completely vanished from the map. I think it may have been triggered by me sleeping.

(I don't know if the video can be played yet, it may have to process still.)

Anyway, I'm hesitant to craft another one until this is addressed. My game version is "63668-26310153-Windows", from the Epic Games Store.


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    Cant watch vid you need access.

    Its on google and its says your account needs access to watch the video
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    i'm having the same issue. Docked sesmoth gets destroyed when descending. Panel still shows docked moth. Anybody find a fix?
  • TriquetraSAITriquetraSAI Raleigh, NC Join Date: 2020-06-17 Member: 261916Members
    Just built a brand new Cyclops, no modifications and nothing built in it. Parked a brand new, no-mod Seamoth in it. First time the Cyclops went down at all, it exploded the Seamoth.
  • FlaviusFireFlaviusFire Join Date: 2020-04-01 Member: 259458Members
    i'm having the same issue. Docked sesmoth gets destroyed when descending. Panel still shows docked moth. Anybody find a fix?

    It's clearly a bug. My fix was just to create a new one using commands. It's not cheating if it disappeared due to a glitch to do it that way, as far as I'm concerned.

    You can find how to do it here, but the commands you'l need to do are "spawn seamoth" and if you had any upgrades on it write "seamothupgrades" to be given every upgrade module available. Take the ones you need and throw the ones you didn't actually earn yet into the Jellyshroom caves or something.
  • TriquetraSAITriquetraSAI Raleigh, NC Join Date: 2020-06-17 Member: 261916Members
    Okay I admit, that is a very fun solution. What an odd bug though! It doesnt seem like many other people are having it.
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    I had the same thing happen, though I didn't realize at the time it was a bug. I thought maybe the seamoth got discharged when going at emergency speed to go faster or something.
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    The issue with creating a new Seamoth or a new console spawned one is that mine would just explode again. After testing today, it turns out the issue is the cyclops itself. Here is my post talking about it on the steam bug forums:

    After testing, a workaround / bug fix to seamoth exploding / disappears when in the cyclops bug in subnautica has been discovered by me.

    The issue is NOT with the Seamoth like many assume. It is with the cyclops itself. Apparently the issue is in the construction of the Cyclops itself. Apparently the cyclops construction itself can bug out and make a cyclops that explodes a seamoth.

    If you have an explode or disappearing seamoth in cyclops hit f3, escape, and click the disable console commands button in the upper left corner. Then hit f3 again, escape again, and ~ key. Then type sub cyclops.

    This will spawn a second Cyclops. With luck the new cyclops should be free of the glitch. Have not tested with a second constructed cyclops, only a console spawned one.

    So far testing indicates the new cyclops will NOT cause a seamoth issue or bug, both virgin, and with all my old construction such as storage lockers and plant pots moved. Meanwhile, completely stripped of all construction, and all items removed, the old cyclops still blows up a seamoth.

    Still testing though, will determine later if this fully fixes it. For now, I cannot get a Seamoth explosion or disappearance to occur in my new Cyclops. I have renamed my old one to ghost cyclops and sunk it to the bottom in a trench with all the lights off. Creepy.

    If this seems written awkwardly, whenever I write a bug fix or workaround I try to use as many keywords as possible so anyone searching for my solution can find it easily later.

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    I don't know if all this is related, but it's what happened to me.

    I finally built my cyclops and I went to test drive it and went to the floating island, I had the seamoth docked and took it to go to the island, low on food and water I made a mistake and the seamoth ended on the island, I went to the base to get the food and water and when I returned to figure out how to get the seamoth back to sea, it was gone.

    I went back to the first base to build another seamoth and discovered that the missing seamoth icon was still active, went back and the icon was inside the island, below where the seamoth had disapeared, so I figured it was a glitch and decided to use it as a marker or maybe wait to see if it kept sinking and recover it latter and continued exploring deeper sites with the cyclops.

    That's when I noticed that the second seamoth was missing and was reluctant to build another one if they were going to keep disapearing with this bug.

    Then I checked this forum and after reading that it was not a seamoth bug but a cyclops bug I remembered that there was another glitch that may be related, the top of the cyclops has some gear that now is floating to the side of it. If that moved, did the seamoth moved too and caused it to disapear?


    I want to finish the achievements so I will not spawn another cyclops or seamoth.
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    the games been developed for years and is riddled with bugs still. how can such an impactful bug as this STILL be in the game since it was released in early access?? I'm not playing the game if this is something they just ignore, and even more so if they'd rather move on to the sequel for the next cash grab. disgusting
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