Pop in bug, terrain load issue, performance issue on xbox one

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I bought Subnautica for my Xbox One like beginning of this year. However i only played 4 hours mostly because of pop in issues. I try to move around with my seamoth but i find myself inside of ground,walls and wrecks. Sometimes creatures show up in front of me. Is there something do i need to do to get this bug fixed? Is there a way to turn down game settings/quality on Xbox One?


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    Same here.
    This is just silly, devs have apparently abandoned the game in this poor lameful state. This should still be at preview/alpha at best, feels worse than PUBG at launch.
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    I get this all the time, game runs fine for some time and then just grinds to a halt at other times. Playing on the Xbox One X, this shouldn't be an issue, game should be like butter.
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    Moving Subnautica to a Solid State Drive should help some with load in. The X improved CPU and GPU, but I think it uses the same speed hard drive.
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