Pop in bug, terrain load issue, performance issue on xbox one

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I bought Subnautica for my Xbox One like beginning of this year. However i only played 4 hours mostly because of pop in issues. I try to move around with my seamoth but i find myself inside of ground,walls and wrecks. Sometimes creatures show up in front of me. Is there something do i need to do to get this bug fixed? Is there a way to turn down game settings/quality on Xbox One?


  • ArcherAC3ArcherAC3 Join Date: 2020-02-22 Member: 258197Members
    Same here.
    This is just silly, devs have apparently abandoned the game in this poor lameful state. This should still be at preview/alpha at best, feels worse than PUBG at launch.
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    I get this all the time, game runs fine for some time and then just grinds to a halt at other times. Playing on the Xbox One X, this shouldn't be an issue, game should be like butter.
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    Moving Subnautica to a Solid State Drive should help some with load in. The X improved CPU and GPU, but I think it uses the same speed hard drive.
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    May of 2021 and this still is an issue. Clearly, they don't intend to fix this. I didn't see an island render the other day until I bumped into it. I'm truly surprised that the dev team doesn't understand that the relationship between graphics and gameplay should always lean HEAVILY to gameplay. Graphics are guaranteed to age out, even if they are the greatest thing ever on launch, but great gameplay lasts forever. No one replays Ocarina of Time because the graphics *were* so good. They come back because the gameplay was top-notch. I understand they want to keep the graphics as good as what is possible on PCs but console hardware is just too limiting. The correct move is to downgrade graphics until gameplay functions soothly on consoles. As it stands now this will just be remembered as a huge disappointment for us console players. And who in their right mind would ever buy Below Zero for the consoles when the gameplay is so broken?
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