Steam protocol connect issue. Server not responding

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This is probably not the best suited place for this. But I'm experiencing some problems trying to use the steamprotocol for NS2 servers.

It wasn't long ago that we finally got the Steam Serverbrowser, so I'm wondering if this issue is related somehow.

I'm trying to use the command:
steam://connect/<IP or DNS name>[:<port>][/<password>]
Connects the user to the server specified by the IP or DNS name. You don't have to specify anything for connecting a third party mod server, it will be automaticly detected.
Example: steam://connect/
Example: steam://connect/

Here's one example, of many, of where the server doesn't respond:
Server Name: Wraith :: NSL :: Amsterdam #1

Here's an example I got where the server does respond:
TAW|Scrim 4 NSL [LU]

I can find and make the server respond through the steam server browser, so that is what is confusing me the most.


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