Does anyone else find the start of Below Zero kinda corny?



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    darrin wrote: »
    See, there's a inherent flaw in your post.

    You explained that you paid for the first game, but since you didn't like the intro, you haven't played the game at all. And despite that, you paid for the 'early access' version of Below Zero - the second installment of a game you never played and selected one of my arguments - the layout of the base - to tell me that if I don't like it, I should go play Sims instead.

    So tell me: One a scale of 1 to 10, how reasonable do you think is your post?

    Because it would be easy for me to do the same and tell you to go play: "Life is strange" if you prefer a story-driven game. And I'd still be in the convenient position that I haven't quit a game just because I didn't like one aspect of it.

    So don't get me wrong but your post doesn't contain much that could lead to a further discussion. You only stated that you have a different opinion.

    And in regard of the layout of the base, it would have been easy to add more beds, add rooms that are locked or reduce the number of tables in the main hall.

    I paid for the first game. I played it for a couple hours. It made absolutely no sense at all. It had no story-line. It didn't give you clear understanding of what it was about. You had to swim, collect data, collect resources, build tools, build a place to live, eat, drink, watch out for the man eating monsters that lurked in the very deepest parts while you ran out of oxygen....

    oh wait, you can build a habitat in the deepest parts where your submarine gets crushed.... but your habitat strangely can be built way beyond the crush depth of your technology...

    I was not going to buy the upgrade, but after watching some videos, talking with the developers through email, and spending at least some time "learning" about the differences, I decided to give it a try. Now I have played it, and for more than a couple of hours like it's predecessor...

    I just didn't randomly choose one of your arguments, I chose the argument that made no sense at all.... I see you conveniently left out the most important part of my reply, so let's reintegrate it, shall we....
    Azuxa wrote: »
    To quote darrin - it's meant for 10+ people (just count the number of chairs & tables) and that there's a lot of equipment, there are only enough bedrooms for 2 people

    So, my reply showed you clearly that bases set up on extreme temperature locations, such as Antarctica, have more than 1 building. Each building has it 's own purpose and design. Your added image was super funny. 2 Double beds in a maybe 25x25 bed room. Even if you had 2 couples, they wouldn't want to share that room without some sort of division between them. And I seriously doubt you could find 4 men to sleep in 2 double beds together. Maybe, if the base had been around for a long time, there would be more additions. But clearly the story-line suggests that there is only 1 other person on the planet at this time and the station above wants you to go figure out where he is. You & Him = 2 bedroom pods. No need for 20 bedroom pods....

    But let's get to the meat of my reply, AND the reason I said that you should go play "the Sims" if that is what you want...
    Azuxa wrote: »
    To quote darrin -(and btw. still no place for personal hygiene).

    Who cares about showers, brushing your teeth, washing your hands, pissing or pooping, taking a bath. The game is not a "Life Simulator" like the Sims game is. Actually, if memory serves me (and it usually does) the first game didn't have those facilities either.....

    You are on a inhospitable planet, swimming 99% of the time, trying to solve a riddle created by a race of beings that you have no idea what they were like, all the time learning about your environment and what it has to offer. Only human arrogance would assume that alien life has to follow the same rules as human life.... there are a lot of gasses in the universe that other lifeforms might have learned to adapt to like humans learned to adapt to oxygen and nitrogen. There are a lot of liquids in the universe that other lifeforms may require to survive on much like we require water. We don't know.

    That's the beauty of science. Learning about things you don't know. It has nothing to do with whether or not you need to poop or pee....

    So, to answer your limited question based on my knowledge of science and life, I would give my reply a 10. 100% reasonable. However, I would give your reply a maximum of a 2. It clearly showed your lack of maturity and knowledge in life. I fail to see the "inherent flaw" that you started your reply with.

    I gave you proof that in extreme condition areas, such as in Antarctica, that it is not prudent to have everyone in one common building. You wouldn't want to bunk a marine biologist with a whale hunter. The outcome would be disastrous. You wouldn't want (well maybe you might) to bunk females with males if you ran a scientific base located in a remote area. Your reply was juvenile at best. It shows the complete lack of understanding that I assumed you had, but I guess you are not an adult. My apology if this insults you in any way.

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    Hello @Azuxa,
    Welcome to the forums.

    I do feel like you're being a little too overzealous on your responses.

    It is true that you do not have to like the first game in other to enjoy its sequel. Also true that the sequel has no obligation to follow the original game design.
    However, I personally consider that, if the original game was a hit and most of the traits that made it so are heavily altered then there is a great chance of it flopping.
    Most fans will be dismayed and it looks unlikely that this would be offset by new players love alone.
    Regarding the Antarctica base, you may have a point that there is no need to set up all dorm rooms in the same building, yet I digress on the point that "there is no reason for them to make the other buildings in the game just for looks". There is the point of immersion, which is important to some people even if it isn't to you. It doesn't hurt making a few inaccessible modules that can only be seen from outside.

    You also do seem to make lots of assumptions based on very vague strips of information.

    For instance, your analysis of the added picture containing the two double beds is extremely naive, at best.
    Nowhere did the author of the picture imply there needed to be 4 people sharing the dorm. Two individuals could share this dorm, and that would be one hell of a comfortable dorm. Dorms in such facilities are usually small and cramped with bunker beds. It is not uncommon having four people sleeping in spaces far smaller then what was pictured there.
    Commenting about four men not sharing two double beds is a little sexist. Many men are used to sleeping in cramped spaces with other men, without any sexual innuendo involved.
    The call for hygiene facilities follows the immersion reasoning for some people. A escaping pod, akin to a lifeboat, has no room, or much need, for such facilities. An established base is another game entirely.
    I don't bother with it much, to me they do their business in high tech diapers.waswas

    Another dangerous inference happened when you affirmed that another fellow player knew how an alien device sounded. And later, very rudely, suggested he might have mental issues.
    Nowhere did he imply he knew how such a device should sound. In this specific topic, he stated the conversations felt unnatural. And proceeded to point out that "people don't talk like that". Imo the only "people" in the alien-protagonist conversations is the protagonist herself, therefore it should be about her that he was talking about.

    Now I intend to nitpick a few mistakes in no particular order, an mean no offense. I'm just a sad nitpicker.

    Humans did not "learn to adapt" to oxygen/nitrogen. That adaptation happened way before humans, a very long time ago while still single celled eukaryotes.

    I don't know if you implied such, but as far as I know the protagonist has no twin sister. The one in the game is eleven years older.
    And, as far as anecdotal evidence goes, I also have close siblings and no one of us talk like that, particularly in life threatening scenarios.

    There are, according to in game entries, 37 people at the planet at that time, so it is not just you and "someone you have to figure out where he is".

    Lastly, since it seems like people enjoy grading posts, I hereby give myself a perfect 5 / 7 score.
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    Let's make sure we don't overdo it, this could easily become a flame war.

    This is still early access, and information is only partly available and very subject to change. It's also very easy to miss info or make assumptions. The topic is whether the game feels right, and all opinions are viable.
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