[Below Zero] Double bug report; Hatch bug and Fabricator building bug

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Build Version:- Aug-2019 17313
Platform:- Windows 10 Steam Platform
Date:- 04/08/2019
time:- 20:10

When starting up Below Zero and entering a player built base the hatch locks behind the player and they cannot get out unless they deconstruct the hatch and build a new one elsewhere on the base; The lighting bug also still exists on the base with it being powered and no in-base lighting, a nightmare to navigate the base wthout a light source on the player.
Also when putting the fabricator on one of the walls in the large room it clips into the wall

Steps taken to reproduce the bug:-

started a new game in creatve, built a base with a hatch saved then exited the save before exiting the game; restarting the game again and then opening up the new save, got the same issue; trapped in the base without being able to exit the hatch and the fabricator still clips into the walls of the large room


  • VoluspaVoluspa Old EarthMembers Join Date: 2019-02-04 Member: 250375Posts: 33 Advanced user
    I didn't notice the other issues but I also noticed the fabricator clipping through the wall. Looking at it, it seems it's been "pushed back" too deep in the wall compared to before (or to smaller rooms...)
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