The Random Suggestions Megathread! (Add Yours!)

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You got a suggestion? That's great! But, not everyone's suggestion is big enough for an entire post dedicated to it, so if you have any that aren't to big, just post them here and I'll add them to the list and credit you! (I'm now basically adding in most suggestions, just no entire maps or whole new dlc's)

Most suggestions listed here are by me, the ones that aren't have the suggesters username at the beginning.

1. Bulkhead placement right at the entrance of a room if you want to. This way it doesn't force you to place it half way through a corridor.

2. Player animations for opening and closing bulkheads inside of the Cyclops. Possibly optional, I can see why players might not want this.

3. Scannable Blood Grass. There is currently a PDA entry for it on the subnautica wiki but in-game it is unscannable. (for reference, Blood Grass is the red grass found in the Grassy Plateaus).

Edit: For some reason, I can no longer find the PDA entry on the wiki.

4. Being able to lay decorative Blood Grass beds and Green Grass on the bottom of an alien containment, it's just grass so no space would be taken up.

5. Adjustments to the Coral Shell Plate. The yellow one would be called the Coral Shell Plate and the one found in the Safe Shallows would be called the Slanted Shell Plate. They would each have there own respective data bank entrys like they do on the subnautica wiki. Instead of giving Coral Tube Samples, they should also give Shell Plate Samples.

Edit: The wiki no longer has seperate PDA's for them.

6. Plantable Slanted Shell Plates and Coral Shell Plates. This would add a farmable way to get Bleach, which you can otherwise only get by living in the Safe Shallows.

7. Glass Dome. You can place it on top of a Multipurpose Room.

8. Greenhouse Effect. This would be an effect for land plants. The plants exposed to the most sunlight outdoor light exposure would grow faster then those in dark rooms. This would actually give a use for Observatorys and Enameled Glass.

9. Ability to place an Observatory in-between two corridors. I would really like to be walking through the halls of my base with an Observatory mid way.

10. Ability to place a Vertical Connector on top of or below an Observatory. This would make sense, there are already circles on the top and bottom.

11. Ability to place a Vertical Connector directly above or below a Multipurpose Room. This would make sense, there are already circles on the top and bottom.

12. Plantable Earthen Coral Tubes. These could make a nice aquarium.

13. Scannable Stromatolites. You can find them on the Underwater Islands but they're basically useless. Even if they remain useless, I still like to read through the stuff in the PDA.

14. A change to base flooding. The cracks are the first stage, and are as they are now. They slowly get bigger if not repaired, and small fish are able to swim into the cracks and swim around inside. Then, the player is able to swim inside. Next, entire breaches, you will need a Habitat Builder to fix these, walls can burst and glass corridors and windows can shatter, creatures are able to freely swim into your base.

15. If a room floods, the room above it (if that room has no cracks) will not flood. The area above the crack also should not flood, as this is what happens in real life.

16. The Heat Blade not creating bubbles when inside a base or on land.

17. Ability to make a bulkhead base entrance on land. If you look, the Degasi Bases on land have bulkhead base entrances but in-game you cannot recreate this.

18. Ramps and stair steps, for easily getting into your base on land.

19. Ability to put placeable structures like posters and plushies inside of a Cyclops, not sure if this a bug or not, but it needs to be fixed.

20. Ability to place then more then 4 plants in an indoor grow bed on creative mode for aesthetic purposes. (remember, it isn't unbalanced because it's creative mode)

21. Fixed issues where there's clearly room to place things but it doesn't let you.

22. Plantable and scannable Land Trees. These are the large trees on Floater Island, I'd love to have one inside of my base.

23. Scannable Grue Clusters. The planting will be unique, you can decoratively place them in spirals on the inner walls of an Alien Containment or along a corridor (outside).

24. Scannable (but not plantable) Tree Spawn. You can scan Creepvine Seed Clusters and Stalker Teeth, so why can't you can these?

25. Plantable Crab Claw Kelp.

26. Scannable Ghost Trees.

27. Lava Larva eggs.

28. Reef Back spawns in the Crator Edge (Dead Zone).

29. Different Reef Backs representing different biomes. For example a Safe Shallows Reef Back, with Acid Mushrooms, (and not just a single one, actual patches like in the Safe Shallows), Writhing Weed, Blue Palm, Brain Coral. A Sparse Reef Reefback with Eyestalks, Tiger Plants and Spike Horned Grass and be followed be Shuttlebugs. They would not spawn in every biome, they would still spawn in the biomes they do right now, but they would have different biomes on there back.

30. Scannable and plantable Spotted Reeds. You can already scan and plant the Spotted Dockleaf, so why not the Spotted Reeds.

31. Scannable and plantable Jordi's Toung.

32. Plant Shelves having better placement, and not being tiny with the end of it being invisible, making it practically floating (like it does right now).

33. Better AI for creatures in Alien Containment, not only if there fish you dropped in, hatched from an egg, but creatures spawned into the Alien Containment have the worst AI any creature in the game can have.

34. Shoals of Fish not leaping out of the water or floating onto land.

35. Bloom Plankton spawning in the Crator Edge (Dead Zone).

36. Tiger Plants planted by the player being passive to the player.

37. Better AI for leviathans that swim into shallow water.

38. Shuttle Bugs being able to walk on the ocean floor, like seen in the Data Bank and some Concepts, but still being able to swim freely if threatened.

39. Better AI for Reef Backs in crowded areas.

40. Spike Horned Grass spawns in the Crag Field.

41. All of the unnamed coral species (as listed on the subnautica wiki) being scannable and plantable.

42. Sky Rays not being able to land on invisible things above my lifepod.

43. Sky Rays spawned into a players base or precursor base not dying.

44. Being able to Scan and Plant the earth like trees with the vines found on the Floating Island.

45. Plantable land bushes, ferns, vines and ivy. In fact they are plantable in the concept arts.

46. When you put say a Pink Cap, or a Spotted Rattler, in a Planter or Plant Shelve, they are in clusters, like the Voxel Shrubs.

47. Scannable Purple Pinecones. Perhaps the pda entry could say about them either being there own plant, or Tree Mushroom and Membrane Tree fruits with evolutionary splits.

48. When planting Acid Mushrooms, different growth stages, like in the Safe Shallows.

49. Different growth stages for each of the plants and coral in subnautica. Not just going from smaller to bigger, but actual growth stages like they have in the wild.

48. Terraforming Tool in creative mode.

49. Ability to create the Fern Palm using the Transfuser. It makes sense if you have ever read the Fern Palm data bank entry.

50. Ability for Lava Larva to suck electricity from your base.

51. Ability for starfish to grow on your base like on the Degasi base. They can suck off the paint job, you have to get rid of them with the Survival Knife and repair the paint job with a Repair Tool. They spawn on your base very rarely though.

52. A Jukebox which lets you play all of the Subnautica Soundtracks while inside of your base as well as the Nerdout song.

53. A Single Bed that is not Quilted.

54. Popcorn machine, just like there's a Vending Machine and Coffee Machine.

55. Easier placement of the Nuclear Waste Bin, especially in the Cyclops Generator Room.

56. Giving a Writhing Weed, Blue Palm or Veined Nettle seed to a Rabbit Ray basically "tames" it, and it can be ordered to follow you around and perform tricks.

56. Ability to place a Plant Pot on the hard end of the Beds.

57. Ability to place a Plant Pot on the Single Wall Shelves.

58. Ability to place the Nutrient Blocks, Water Bottles, Batterys, Tools, ect, on things like the Tables and such.

59. Ability to place the Drink Bottles found inside the Aurora on things in your base like Tables and Such. Could have them standing up or knocked over.

60. Ability to place papers or documents on Tables and such. Also making it so you can put Data Bank Entrys on them, that you can read and pop up when you click on them.

61. Ability to plant Grue Clusters, Tree Leaches, Table Coral, Barnacles and Blue Barnacles on the outside walls of your base and inner glass walls of the Alien Containment.

62. Sexual Difference in Fauna, such as Markings and Color Patterns, and needing two creatures of the opposite gender to breed them.

63. Base Telleporters, maybe smaller Alterra Phasgates or Precursor Alien Archs to get from one area to another.

64. Repair option for the Moonpool, repairs docked vehicles.

65. Fixed bug where there's no animation for Bulk Heads sometimes.

66. Ability to place a Spotlight on top of the outside of a Cyclops.

67. Getting Stalker Teeth after successfully killing a Stalker.

68. Fixed bug where the Precursor Bases don't load up properley sometimes.

69. Fixed bug where you can't scan Planter blueprints in wrecks in Creative for the entry.

70. Fixed bug where entering a Cyclops with the Prawn Suit or Sea Moth doesn't let you leave it.

71. Fixed bug where you can see your base from afar, except it's transparent.

72. Fixed issue where the Neptune Platform tilts over.

73. Make the Air Bladder actually work.

74. Add the Dive Reel back to the game, or add it as an upgrade to the Prawn Suit.

75. Better Aquarium placing in the Cyclops.

76. Bulk Head Airlock for the Alien Containment built separate as seen in the concept for the Alien Containment.

77. Being able to build the Specimen and Fragment Analyzers. Scanners still work, but you can put stuff in here if you so choose.

78. Customizable Oxygen Warning times.

79. Water Transparency slider in the options.

80. Interior Modules for the Cyclops, such as a small or tube like Aquarium, Farming Station, ect...

81. Water Filtration Machines not working on above sea level bases.

82. Camera Drones (flying drones) for if you place a Scanner Room above sea level.

83. Ability for Jelly Rays to jump out of the water like they do in the teaser trailer.

84. Basalt Outcrops. They were in the game at one point but sadly removed.

85. (Hum) Adding Autosaving for the players convenience and to easily recover in-case of random crashes.

86. (Haze33E) Fish not being able to swim out of and into the alien containment, currently fish from outside of your base can swim into it and fish inside can swim out into your base.

87. (Haze33E) Get rid of the yellow hand railings around doorways inside of bases. They are an annoyance to navigate around in a room with an alien containment. If you need railings for aesthetic reasons do vertical railings on each side of the door.

88. (Haze33E) Addition of an outdoor vertical grow bed similar to the wall planter but allows you to plant Table Coral, Grue Clusters, Barnacles, Blue Barnacles and Tree Leaches.

89. (Haze33E) A food dehydrator and a nutrient block fabricator for mid-late game higher tiered food options. Maybe a food fabricator for advanced and luxury foods and beverages.

90. (Haze33E) A bigger variant of the wall locker that is 50% taller and has 40+ storage slots. Maybe like the lockers in the Aurora Locker Room.

91. (Haze33E) The Locker upgraded to have 50+ storage slots.

92. (Haze33E) Give the cyclops another row of built in lockers on the opposite wall.

93. (Haze33E) Give the seamoth an additional 1-2 module slots.

94. (Xissor) Optional captions/subtitles for creature sounds for deaf and hard of hearing players. You can't really know when something's near you when you can't hear it, especially since this game relies so heavily on auditory clues to stay safe. Its very hard to play the game without them.

95. (aether_tech) Usable shelves.

96. (aether_tech) Specimen jars (that can be placed on shelves for display). Can put small things in them like a resource, small fish, a floater, ect...

97. (aether_tech) Change the layout of the observation room's metal shell so that the bars don't run down the exact center of view if your looking out directly from a connecting hallway. (rotate it 45 degrees). Maybe an option?

98. (aether_tech) Beds without the headboard.

99. (aether_tech) Working computer desk of some sort. Maybe like a monitor? Cameras?

100. (aether_tech) Useful lab Equipment.

101. (aether_tech) Hydroelectric Generators - Shoreline and under water versions (minimal power, but should be somewhat easy to make with just Copper, Titanium, and maybe Magnetite?) 24/7 operation.

102. (aether_tech) Some sort of actual power generated/used readout for bases, display or option.

103. (aether_tech) Tool racks that display the tools put on them.

104. (icedragon) Require radiation suit when inserting/removing reactor rods or take continual radiation damage (similar to when swimming in radiation).

105. (icedragon) Depleted reactor rods cause damage if left in inventories outside of reactor unless disposed of in the nuclear waste bin (assume that the old rod's casing has become degraded).

106. (icedragon) Radiation suit reduces damage from brine pool by a little bit (assumes the lead lining buys a few seconds for corrosion to get through). After five seconds in brine pool, even if you get out the radiation suit is destroyed.

107. (icedragon) Ability to label larger lockers (can look like etched glass?) .

108. (icedragon) Add a (full) indicator to lockers when viewing, similar to how there is currently an (empty) indicator.

109. (icedragon) Fix labeling for scanner cameras (somehow I have multiple of the same camera numbers).

110. (icedragon) Seems like connecting to a scanner camera that is docked should be instantaneous; sometimes takes 20-30 seconds.

111. (icedragon) Ability to label a base instead of leaving a beacon near it, and have different icon for it. (will have to determine what part of base carries the label, maybe the first created component of the base, like a foundation piece or four-node module?) -- or maybe be able to label the scanner room uniquely and the camera labels also carry that label plus a camera number? I assume that nobody ever builds two scanner rooms on the same base.

112. (icedragon) Scanner room display can be toggled to show the currently visible and in-range beacons and built structures/vehicles while scanning.

113. (icedragon) At the least, keep one prior save to the last one in case the current one becomes corrupted, at least you can go back to the previous one.

114. (icedragon) Have pathfinder beacons, where maybe up to five of these beacons can be deployed and a faint laser line connects them as long as there is unbroken line of sight between them. Five to a pack, requires 2 titanium, 1 wiring kit, 1 battery and 1 glass. Can't be labeled. Can be picked up as a single group.

115. (gavin1988) A display on the Alien Containment which tells you when it's getting too full of creatures and telling you to upgrade the size or remove a number of creatures rather than having to hope you don't find them dead when you enter (really pissed me off).

116. (gavin1988) Rebreather should just be an attachment to any headgear.

117. (Altazi) Storage bins for metals, minerals, etc., that could hold a much larger number of items - say up to 100. These could be inside or outside. It doesn't seem realistic to put chunks of titanium in a wall-mounted locker.

118. (LePanDaDuBled) Multiplayer or a coop mode.

119. (AC_AwesomeCraft) Cyclops hull reinforcements, to add to the upgrade module, 4 spots, two on each side of the bottom, and two, on the front and back on the top.

120. (AC_AwesomeCraft) Flood lights upgrade for cyclops and seamoth.

121. (AC_AwesomeCraft) Power conservation for cyclops, seamoth, and PRAWN suit.

122. (AC_AwesomeCraft) A button to activate shields for the cyclops's glass.

123. (AC_AwesomeCraft) Less small detail groups of alien fish in open waters.

124. (AC_ AwesomeCraft) When a Bitter is eating a dead fish, make the fish look chewed, and eventually it disappears.

125. (AC_AwesomeCraft) Add an access tube for your habitat, so the cyclops has a version of "docking".

126. (AC_AwesomeCraft) Add an upgrade module to increase speed for the cyclops and seamoth.

127. (AC_AwesomeCraft) Add a net arm for the PRAWN, can hold up to 5 small fish.

128. (AC_AwesomeCraft) Add a scanner arm for the PRAWN.

129. (AC_AwesomeCraft) Create a way of upgrading the cyclops engine so it doesn't over heat when i go into max speed.

130. (Enderguy059) Mk2/3 upgrades for Shared Vehicle Modules. All are created from the Modification Station and cannot be stacked with identical mods of differing grades (I.e. A Mk1 efficiency module cannot be placed alongside a Mk2 efficiency module). Each upgrade has the identical effect of stacking multiple Mk1 modules, which progressively becomes more expensive to offset the balance of having three mods rolled into 1.a. Upgraded Hull Reinforcement Modules have the same effect of stacking; Mk2 absorbs 75% of damage, Mk3 absorbs 87.5%.b. Upgraded Engine Efficiency Modules have also have an identical effect to stacking multiple Mk1 modules: Mk2 reduces power consumption by 30% (2 Mk1s) and Mk3 by 60% (4 Mk1s).c. Upgraded Storage Modules work differently to the others depending on what vehicle it is used on: the Seamoth can accept multiple Storage Modules of any grade (owing to the upgrades adding additional storage compartments), increasing storage capacity of each compartment to 30 storage slots (5x6 Wall Locker configuration) at Mk2 and 48 storage slots (6×8 Locker/Inventory configuration) at Mk3; the Prawn can only accept a single storage upgrade (as multiple upgrades only increase the capacity of the Prawn's native storage compartment), with Mk2 providing an additional 2 rows of storage (36 slots in a 6x6 configuration) and Mk3 adding 4 in total (48 slots in a 6x8 configuration).

131. (u/Heart_of_Darkness_) If you kill any fish (including Leviathans), you can butcher it and get meat from it. If you do it to a Cuddlefish, Reefback or a Sea Emperor baby, the PDA will call you a monster. Gasopod, Blighter and Rabbit Ray meat is poisonous and will decrease your HP. Butchering a Stalker will give you meat, teeth and a half-digested piece of metal salvage. Reaper, Ghost and Sea Dragon meat will have a very high nutritional content to encourage you to kill them although they are extremely hard to kill.

132. (u/Heart_of_Darkness_) A dark easter egg - if you injure the Sea Emperor Leviathan mom by a ton before she reveals the hatching enzymes recipe, she will grab you, use her last breath to tell you that you just doomed this entire world, and telepathically disables the QEP out of revenge. You drown, she dies. You lose the game. In the epilogue, the game tells you how Alterra landed on the planet a few years later. They found all life on the planet dead, got infected from your corpse and spread Kharaa across the entire galaxy. Trillions have died and the cure is yet to be found.

133. (u/Heart_of_Darkness_) After dying and respawning, your food, water and oxygen will be at 40%. This will prevent people from potentially abusing death to get water and oxygen.

134. (u/Heart_of_Darkness_) Add a gardening room, basically a multipurpose room with the floor covered with plantable soil. Also some built-in planters on the walls.

135. (u/Heart_of_Darkness) Flooding your base will be catastrophic. It will kill all plants and destroy all seeds and electronics in the lockers, including batteries.

136. (u/Heart_of_Darkness) The amount you owe Alterra will be really calculated based on how much stuff you mined and picked up throughout the game.

137. (u/Heart_of_Darkness) Add a new difficulty setting. It’s like Survival, but: You can get the bends. There are dozens of additional hostile Leviathans placed randomly across the map. All predators have a larger aggro radius and deal more damage. Leviathans kill you in one shot. Dying also destroys one random piece of your gear and drains batteries in your whole gear to 0%. Kharaa will actually kill you (permanently) if you don’t cure it in time.

138. (u/Heart_of_Darkness) The PDA gives you an achievement if you scan everything, get all PDAs and unlock all blueprints.

139. (u/Fallenangel152) A handheld drill that let's you mine large ore deposits without the prawn.

140. Base ladder animations when climbing. Not a long climb, just a skip to the top then show the player climbing out.

141. Better graphics for the Shoals of Fish.

142. Less buggy Stalker Teeth. I hate when these things are just stuck in the ground all the time.

143. Better views of the stars at night, like getting a view of the galaxy the planet is in. There's no light pollution caused by anything, so why not?

144. I found this one on the Trello board, and it seemed cool. "Bleaching" Subnautica for a short amount of time to raise awareness for the Great Barrier Reef. Bleaching is when a coral loses about 99%-100% of its Algae and basically dies.

145. Bring back the animation where the Sea Dragon can grab onto the Seamoth with its mouth and crush it in its jaws.

146. Handheld Grappling Hook.

147. When hitting the Brain Coral with the knife a few times, it should turn white like the coral plates and stop producing oxygen.

148. The Entity Gallery. I'd love to just go through and look at it.

149. The Seal, Shark and Sonic commands. These would set the players speed to 5x, 10x and 50x.

150. Brain Coral Small, but renamed Small Brain Coral. They were cut, and were originally likely to be relatives to the Brain Coral that gave less Oxygen.

151. The Reefback Coral 01 model added to Reefbacks, I don't know why this was ever cut to begin with, as it is textured and modeled.

152. Jordi's Toung tentacles move side to side in the water.

153. Re-addition of several unused Earthen Coral Tube models.

154. The Current Generator. It generates a water current in its facing direction. Requires 2 batterys. Has on on and off switch. This was originally in the game but removed.

155. When cut, the Regress Shell should retract in.

156. When cut, the Furled Papyrus should furl up more and tighten.

157. When knifed, Membrane Trees should gain a tear and start to leak.

158. Shuttlebug Eggs!

159. Lithium Batterys. Crafted with Lithium, has 200 power.

160. Lava Zone Bridges. Bridges in the Lava Zone for the Prawns. They are natural and made of rock. If too much pressure is on them, they collapse.

161. Silt. Can be found in certain areas in caves or on the seabed. When disturbed, it would obscure vision slightly and cloud up the water for about 10 seconds.

162. Thermometer. And equipment slot in the HUD just like the Compass. When equipped it tells the temperature around you.

163. Large Bird. A new land fauna that flys like the Skyray. If you've seen the Subnautica Teaser Trailer, you know what this is.

164. Option for the player to hold onto Reefback tentacles and hitch a ride.

165. Hanging Seaweed. Purely decorative, I'm not sure why this was cut from the game originally. It's found in the Safe Shallows over cliffs and edges.

166. Stitchgrass. This plant would heal nearby Flora and Fauna. When interacted with, it would also heal the player. If used too much in a short period of time, it would die.

167. Diamond deposits that need to be drilled.

168. Crystalline Sulfur deposits that need to be drilled.

169. Basalt Outcrops. They drop Gold, Diamond and Uraninite Crystals.

170. Obsidian Outcrops. Found in the lava zones, they can drop Diamonds and very rarely Kyanite.

171. The unused "INFINITE Poster" added back in.

172. Accumulator. It stores extra power for seabases. It can also be brought to other sea bases.

173. Power Storage Module. Holds Accumulators.

174. Botanical Analysis Machine added back in for decorative uses.

175. A small addition where near the end of the rocket scene, a Cave Crawler can be seen walking across the Neptune Escape Rocket window.
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