My creature fanmade concepts for next DLC - and more!

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I'm working on fanmade concept arts for Subnautica, and have a lot, lot of ideas... It would be great if some of them would be used in the future :)

My imagined DLC of Subnautica is called "Into the Abyss" or similar. Main megabiome would be great Green Lagoon, and there would be few smaller biomes:

- Sandy Islands - something similar to islands from Subnautica, but more flat and sandy (like Maledives).

- Coral Reef - big, colorful and quite peaceful.

- Warm Meadows - great underwater meadows with green grass, dolphins, crabs and many other species (like Everglades).

- Spiky range - great mountain range, formed by fossilized remains of gigantic, ancient creatures. I'll love to see something like this in Subnautica!!!

- Giant Sponges Zone - area with a lot of sponges, small, medium and giant. Player can swim through the holes in them like in the caves.

- Blue Holes - it's actually something that appears on our planet, you can google it :) I think it would be entrance to big cave systems or the Abyss.

- Abyss - something like the Void, but with more life. Very dark and creepy biome. There would be lot of strange invertebrates, anglerfishes and leviathans.

- White Coral Reef - zone with gigantic, white corals with many holes (player can swim through them).

Now, some of the first concept arts:







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