Stuck with launching a dedicated server

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The VPS provider our company works with introduced CPU optimized containers, and although i know VPS are terrible for hosting game servers, i would love to give it a try (according to their support, it should be able to handle the load).
I have a running server at, but got lost in the hell of configuring and modding it to current standards...
For example, i was able to install ns2_co_kestrel and Combat++, but couldn't get them to work together (by adding the Combat++ mod id in the mapcycle to the co_kestrel entry)
Using the wiki manual, i failed to launch it on ubuntu - the wiki seems outdated regarding the x64 folder and steam executable.
I managed to install it using LinuxGSM, but got stuck at how to properly install mods. (I got surprised by how many features are provided by NS+ and Shine...)

If there's anyone willing to help me out, either by pointing me to a recent tutorial, or maybe by providing a sample config pack, i'd be grateful!

Here is my MapCycle.json

If i put the id of combat++ (4241b84e) next to the co maps, any client who joins gets a black screen and scrolling console errors.
If i leave it out from next to the map, the server does not load combat++ and starts it according to regular ns2 gamerules.


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