Add a way to name the Save-Games

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It's kind of frustrating have 5 different save games and not really knowing which is which. The thumbnail sort of helps, the icons help somewhat, the date and time don't help at all.

Just add a custom text label box, please.


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    Yes! I need this!
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    I would love if they let you make multiple save points that you can load, such as many other games do. I need to quick-save so often, but then I can't load that save.

    Naming saves would be enjoyable and nice, as then you could organize them better.
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    A current cumbersome workaround is to change the thumbnail and add some text in this image:


    The downside is that every time you save, it get's overwritten, so you'd have to keep a copy in that folder and after each gaming session delete the original one and replace it with your modified copy.

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