What to watch for in the latest experimental builds?

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Hey there Devs, you've been concentrating on performance improvements in the latest builds, right?

I was wondering if there was anything specific we could look out for and report back to you.

Basically, let us know how we can help. :)


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    Not a dev, but I'll give an answer.

    Along with upgrading the game to unity 2018.2 (It was still running 5.6) The game is getting multiple bugfix updates. Players on the Discord have been reporting any new bugs that come up, so they're fixing them all. If you have any bugs to report, either use the Bug Reporting Section or use the #bug-smash channel on the discord.
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    We've got a number of big bugs right now to deal with in Experimental Steam Beta. Once we've fixed those we'll likely push out an update to main Subnautica, but no ETA yet sorry.

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    @Obraxis Yeah no worries, I was just wondering if I could provide more specific feedback than the usual bug reports.

    I'll keep on with those as needed.
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